Brad Smith (VPN Tester & Reviewer)

Brad is an avid VPN user who has reviewed a ton of different VPN Software and put together VPN Reviews. You can read his latest reviews here & here.

His speciality is to really go in-depth and point out all the cons and pros of each VPN software.

Brad in on Twitter, too: @bsmarketer

John P. Mello

John Mello has written an article on Safe Internet Browsing. He is former managing editor of the Boston Business Journal and Boston Phoenix. He’s been also contributing to PCWorld and CIO.

You can find John on Twitter: @JPMello

Andrey Doichev

Andrey is a passionate internet nerd with a knack for writing. He helps people with Internet security issues. His latest guides can be found here: Public Wi-Fi Do’s & Don’ts, Best VPN for Torrenting.

Contact him via Email:


Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov has spent twenty years covering business and technology.

She has written for the Chicago Tribune, reported from the front lines in Afghanistan, and ran a business news bureau in China. Today, she specializes in emerging technology, including cybersecurity and virtual reality.

She has written a Parents Guide to Protecting Kids Online.

Contact her on Twitter: @MariaKorolov

Paul Korzeniowski

Paul Korzeniowski is a freelance contributor to InformationWeek who has been examining IT issues for more than two decades. During his career, he has had more than 10,000 articles and 1 million words published. His work has appeared in the Boston Herald, TechTarget, & InformationWeek.

Contact him on Twitter: @PaulKorzeniowks

John Espirian

John is a UK-based technical copywriter who produces simple, clear and
non-scary content that helps online tech businesses stand out. He is a
former Microsoft MVP and a current director of the Society for Editors
and Proofreaders.

Contact him on Twitter: @espirian