VPN Speed Test

VPN Ranking in terms of speed based on the source and destination server. Filter the graph to get a custom view or sort the graph from fastest to slowest or vice versa. Click on a VPN frm the main graph to see the detailed report.

Testing process

  1. We test VPN servers from 3 different source locations - North America, Central Europe and East Asia. For each VPN service, we run tests against a server in the same region as well as servers in the other regions. We don’t aggregate results over regions.
  2. Tests are conducted on a server with dedicated 10 Gbps network bandwidth. We run up to 10 tests in parallel at a time, giving each test an average of 1 Gbps of bandwidth to use. This should be enough to ensure a tests results are never artificially lowered due to bandwidth limitation on the client side.
  3. VPN connections are established using OpenVPN over UDP, which is generally faster than using TCP.
  4. Download and upload speeds area measured by transferring a file using TCP to and from a server in the same region as the VPN server. The size of the file ranges from 5 to 100 MB depending on the available bandwidth.
  5. Tests are conducted twice daily. The above test is ran 3 times for every VPN server from every source region.
  6. We calculate the average speeds over the results from the past 30 days, using the fastest result of the 3 tests from each individual test run.