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ibVPN Review

Rob Mardisalu

Rob Mardisalu

We buy, test and compare different VPN services. This time we’re reviewing ibVPN towards other 78 VPNs we’ve already tested…


Editor’s note: ibVPN was bought by StrongVPN, so their own VPN service is therefore discontinued.

ibVPN will mask your public IP while relocating you to another country of your choice.

It will safely tunnel your Internet connection through the default OpenVPN protocol and a strong AES-256 encryption.

This should help you become fully anonymous while doing your daily activities on a public/private WiFi. (browsing the web, torrenting, online banking)

That makes them the perfect solution for the 90% of Americans who fear for their online information.

Hopping on the hotel WiFI seems harmless enough. Until you realize that (a) their terms of service don’t protect you, and (b) that hotel WiFis are a common target for hackers.

Let’s find out it ibVPN is truly worth your money.

ibVPN Overview

OVERALL RANK: #9 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY: Very Easy, Supports All Devices
LOG FILES: No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS: 57 countries, 180 servers
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat
TORRENTING: P2P & Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX: Yes 2/5
COST: Many options,  starts at $4.95/mo
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.ibvpn.com

ibVPN Pros

1. Strict No-Logging Privacy Policy

ibVPN claims a “strict no-logging policy” on their website.

But literally, every single VPN company we’ve reviewed says the same exact thing.

So how do you know if they’re legit or not?

Well, you drink a ton of coffee and pour through their boring terms and privacy policy.

ibVPN collecting infromation

According to their terms, ibVPN does not collect any specific user activity. That’s important because many VPNs do track some of this data.

And most of these companies still need to abide by their countries laws. If their government forces them to hand over data, and they have activity information logged, you’re screwed.

This very reason is why your VPN’s home jurisdiction is such a huge deal.

2. Romanian Jurisdiction (Outside of 14 Eyes)

ibVPN is owned and operated by Amplusnet SRL, who’s out of Romania.

Believe it or not, that’s great news.

Romania is NOT on the list of governments included in the 14 Eyes surveillance alliance.

Why does this matter?

Because several governments around the world have aligned their espionage efforts.

That means if one country collects sensitive information on their people (Hi, NSA!), they can and will share it with countries around the globe to support World Peace. (Or something.)

The unofficial 14 Eyes allegiance includes most developed nations in the free world.

But Romania’s position outside of this alliance means that the chances of ibVPN turning over personal data to the world are slim to none.

3. OpenVPN + 256-bit Encryption

ibVPN uses the industry leading 256-bit AES encryption standard. This is as secure as it gets.

ibvpn encryption graph image

No known supercomputers have been able to get anywhere close to cracking it. So your connection is virtually impenetrable.

ibVPN also defaults to the OpenVPN protocol to create each connection. This standard is also state of the art, recommended by most security experts and used by the best VPN companies in the market.

There are two reasons, however, where you’d want a different protocol.

The first is your mobile device. OpenVPN works flawlessly on Androids, but not so much on iOS devices.

The second reason is for older computers or connections. Depending on your setup, OpenVPN might not cut it.

That’s why ibVPN offers several different protocol options you can switch to, including PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)/IpSec (Internet Protocol Security), and SSTP.

ibVPN also provides simple explanations and setup guides for each if you do need to switch away from OpenVPN.

openvpn protocols explained

4. No Leaks or Malware Issues

VPNs are supposed to create secure connections. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

A little “VPN” icon or green check mark often shows up when you connect through their servers.

So you think you’re golden.

However, DNS leaks can undermine your security without you even noticing.

Your ISP will be able to pick up on which sites you’re visiting or which files you’re downloading.

And many times, those helpful little ‘extras’ you use are among the worst offenders.

For example, up to 70% of Chrome extensions from VPN providers leak your DNS. That’s more than two-thirds!

Every VPN we review gets the same treatment. After purchasing and signing up, we’ll connect to their servers. Then, we’ll use six different tests to triple-check that none of your data might leak.

We put ibVPN through the same routine, and we’re pleased to say that it passed with flying colors.

  • https://ipleak.net/ (none found)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/check-ip/ (none found)
  • https://ipx.ac/run (none found)
  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (none found)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ (none found)
  • http://dnsleak.com/ (none found)

Next, we’ll also take their installation files and run it through a malware check to make sure they’re also squeaky clean.

VirusTotal.com came back with green “Cleans” across the board.

ibvpn virustotal scan

5. Most Servers Unblock Netflix

Switching your server locations with the click of a VPN button used to be one of the best ways to stream content from different countries.

That way, you could bypass licensing restrictions and watch any country’s content from the comfort of your couch.

But then Netflix started cracking down on this workaround in the last few years.

The good news is that ibVPN servers in Miami and New York worked. Hooray!

unblocking netflix

But unfortunately, we can’t share the same excitement for the ones in Chicago, Canada, or the Netherlands. All three of these failed.

Two out of five is still a good performance in today’s anti-VPN streaming world. So consider this a Pro.

6. Torrenting is 100% Allowed

Torrents allow you to download massive files at lightning speeds.

They’re not just for illegitimate uses, either.

Torrents can also carry their own risks. Connecting to a VPN, first, before accessing them gives you an extra layer of security to keep your private information to yourself.

However, not all VPNs support it.

While others have restrictions that force you to use specific servers.

ibVPN has 35 servers that allow torrenting. The good news is that you can set their desktop application to automatically connect to torrenting servers every time you use the service.

These torrent and P2P applications are available in Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Russia, and Sweden, according to their website. Here’s a quick set-up guide for getting started.

Please just be advised that you’ll need their Premium Torrent VPN or Ultimate VPN packages.

You can also check out our top torrenting VPNs to narrow down the list.

7. Supports Multiple Devices + TOR

ibVPN supports almost every device imaginable.

They cover the basics like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. But they will also connect with both major Smart TV’s and even game consoles, too.

  • Kindle Fire
  • Boxee Box
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Sony Smart TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG WebOS Smart TV
  • PS4
  • PlayStation 3
  • PS Vita
  • Xbox 360

If you’re trying to connect a few of these devices at the same time, you can even arm your DD-WRT VPN and Tomato USB routers. Both OpenVPN and PPTP protocols work on these.

They’ve also helpfully assembled setup instructions for each type of device.

The only drawback is that ibVPN doesn’t provide a Linux app directly. Instead, you’ll have to create workarounds with Ubuntu using OpenVPN and PPTP. Get ready to get your hands dirty.

Just last year, ibVPN also added TOR support.

The TOR network will forward your traffic signal across ‘relays’ and ‘nodes.’

But it’s not foolproof. There are often a few loopholes to de-anonymize TOR users.

TOR-enabled VPN servers largely solve this equation.

You can connect directly to it through ibVPN by going to the following servers:

  • Netherlands – tornl.ibvpn.com
  • Singapore – torsg.ibvpn.com
  • US – torus.ibvpn.com

Once again, though, you’ll need to upgrade to their Ultimate VPN package to get full access.

ibvpn user interface picture

8. Very Simple To Use App

Both installation and connection through the ibVPN desktop client was a breeze.

The installer was painless, and the app fired up instantly without any noticeable lags or errors.

ibvpn installer

I loved the set-and-forget features the client provided.

For example, you could set the kill switch to trigger automatically when your connection drops. That way, nothing from your session ends up in the wrong hands.

Then, you can also further customize automatic connections based on your own personal preferences:

  • The fastest server
  • to a US or UK-based server for accessing services in these locations
  • A server that supports torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • Bypass China’s Great Firewall (for China-based users)
ibvpn user interface 2


ibVPN Cons

1. Not The Fastest Browsing Experience

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for security.

A leak-free connection is awesome. But you also can’t afford to wait three minutes for a simple page to load.

So post-virus scan, we next conduct a series of speed tests. Every VPN will inevitably slow you down a little bit.

“A little bit” is tolerable. It’s worth the extra security.

Too much, though, and your entire internet session can go down the drain.

ibVPN came out somewhere in the middle of the pack. They weren’t fast enough to make our Top 12 fastest VPNs list. But they were a little better than the slugs at the bottom.

Performance did vary wildly, though.

The EU test we conducted wasn’t so bad. It only came out around ~20-30% slower than our normal connection.

ibvpn eu speedtest

EU speed test:

  • Ping: 41ms
  • Download: 64.66 Mbps (33% slower than 97 Mbps benchmark)
  • Upload: 41.06 Mbps (22% slower than 53 Mbps benchmark)

But our US test on a server in New York was a nightmare. Download and upload speeds here dipped to 75-85% slower.

ibvpn us speedtest

U.S. speed test:

  • Ping: 147ms
  • Download: 15.70 Mbps (84% slower than 97 Mbps benchmark)
  • Upload: 13.44 Mbps (75% slower than 53 Mbps benchmark)

Overall, these results put them at only 47 out of 78. Not great.

2. One Connection Only

ibVPN’s basic plans only allow for one single device connection at any given time.

That’s kind of disappointing, to be honest.

Most other VPNs will at least throw in at least three connections in their basic plans.

You can get five if you upgrade to the Ultimate VPN plan. (They also have a Multi VPN package, presumably for organizations and large groups, that provide 100 connections.)

Many of the extra features, like access to P2P servers and TOR, are also locked up inside the Ultimate VPN package.

Otherwise, they have over a hundred servers located in most major cities around the world.

ibvpn compability chart

Built-in Kill Switch

Thankfully, one awesome feature included in all plans is the kill switch.

These prevent your browser from connecting to the internet if your VPN connection isn’t stable. That way, you can inadvertently give away your real IP address.

Customer Support Experience

If and when you need help, ibVPN offers an extensive Help Center and FAQ section.

But if you need personalized support, they offer everything from support tickets, to email, and even live chat.

ibvpn homepage

It’s great that they offer all of these options. But are they worth it? That’s the main question.

First up, we went straight to live chat to see how quickly and accurately they’d answer our questions.

The support rep helped us within seconds.

ibvpn live support

Next up, we wanted to send over an email to clarify a few points about their service.

ibvpn support 2

And a few hours later, we received an in-depth email that both answered the question, while also providing helpful links to learn more.

ibvpn support email

Quick, easy, and efficient. Exactly what we like.

ibVPN Cost, Plans & Payment Options


IBVPN pricing

The all-in, Ultimate VPN option, provides access to all of their servers and features. The pricing here starts at $10.95 for one month and is discounted heavily at only $58.06 ($4.83/month) for a full year.

They also offer individual packages, including a Premium Standard VPN, Torrent, and combination ibDNS option. The price for these packages starts at $4.95 per month, or as low as $3.08 a month if you’re willing to purchase the annual plan.

Each package comes with a 15-day money back guarantee on all plans. So you could conceivably start with the low month-to-month option to try it out and even get your money back within the first few weeks if you’re unhappy.

They’ll accept almost all forms of payment, including “over 50 international payment options, including Credit/Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro and more), eWallets (WebMoney) and many other (AliPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Yandex, Bank Wire Transfer and more).”

Do I Recommend ibVPN?

ibVPN has a lot to like.

They have a decent total number of servers, along with a strict no-logging policy, allowing torrenting, working with Netflix, and can be configured for use with DD-WRT routers and TOR. They also offer a 24 hours free trial.

A massive drawback, though, is the speed. Our EU tests weren’t terrible, but the US ones kinda were.

The best VPN services we’ve reviewed don’t force users to sacrifice speed like this.

A major issue, however, is the need to sign up for the Ultimate VPN plan to get full access to these wonderful features.

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    9 user reviews for ibVPN

    Mike 2/10 November 6, 2020

    used to be good, but no longer safe

    ibVPN has been a great provider, even though the speed is not top notch. However, it just got bought out by StrongVPN back in September 2020, and now belongs to J2 Global, a big US-based conglomerate. Due to that reason, it's no longer safe to use ibVPN.

    Nancy 9/10 July 9, 2019

    Been with IBVPN since 2010

    I've been with this service since 2010.

    Throughout the years they gave made major improvement!

    I always opted for the ultimate package for my streaming needs and maybe 2 years ago, multiple connections passed from 3 to 5 which was a pleasant surprise since more and more people have multiple devices especially with a family.

    If love to give them 100% but it is iffy around Netflix and hulu at times.

    I'm really happy with their service and don't plan to go elsewhere since they always were listening to their clients.

    The android app finally has a DNS service which is great news for those why just can't change manually the dns in their phone. I've tried on my Samsung A5 multiple times without success.

    Neil 10/10 April 23, 2019

    3rd year with ibVPN

    I have been a subscriber to the ibVPN for 3 years now, and I cannot be more happier with them. Their service never failed me, always having enough bandwidth. The customer service is also the best, always ready to help, and finding a solution to my issues within minutes.

    BernardZ 10/10 April 19, 2019

    No complaints at all

    I have used them now for 5 years. The products are great, the service is very good. The speed for me has always been good. They have an option of selecting their VPN server by the speed which works well. What I particularly like is they supply a DNS server which is better than my ISP ones. Also, they are improving their product all the time so new and exciting features come out regularly. Whenever I have a problem I get answers almost immediately.

    Sam 10/10 January 9, 2019

    ibVPN is just great

    The speeds are usually fast and consistent although there are some days when the speeds tend to drop. The support staff are friendly and helpful. Their reliability overall is superb, I have not been disconnected yet to-date.

    Kevin 1/10 September 25, 2018

    This vpn is terrible!

    I used this vpn. But the experience was terrible! I was using a torrent with this vpn. However, the kill switch was applied, but there was an IP leak. I can not block the internet. I recently tested it. It has leaked twice! They made the kill switch button obsolete. No Internet blocking at all! I requested customer support but it was not worth it.

    I never recommend this.

    Micha 10/10 September 24, 2018

    IBVPN works great for me!

    I've been using IBPVPN for approximately 3 years now. Their P2P servers are great. Lots of countries to choose from and consistent 5MBPS+ download speeds. No complaints and both the Windows and IOS apps are super simple to use.

    James 9/10 August 28, 2018

    Great deal

    For the price I am really satisfied with the service. I mostly use it for web browsing and love the convenience of the Firefox extension. I did notice some of their servers were slow, but there are usually enough in a region so you can switch and find a better one, and I think it's gotten better recently.

    Alex 1/10 June 12, 2018

    Awful Customer Service

    They are not online during offpeak hours (only email support available), and their response is always “restart your computer and router and try again in 12 hours). In the end it turned out to be an issue with their servers, and they would not offer a credit for the 48 hour downtime. Awful service.