Fastest VPNs (Ultimate Speed Test)

Brad Smith

Brad Smith

We did an extensive research on 35 VPNs and their download speeds across US and EU servers. Here are the results…

Finding the fast VPN for us was quite straightforward.

We bought, installed and set up 35 most popular VPN services on our Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-14IAP and conducted multiple speed test with the help of

Our benchmark was 100 Mbps up & down using cable connection while located in Europe.

P.S. Always take speed tests with a grain of salt as they vary on multiple factors like your computer, connection, wi-fi strength and so on.

Since we tested both EU and US download speed three times to find the average, we’ve added these two speeds together, where 200 Mbps would be the benchmark (max).

For example, HotSpot Shield had the fastest EU download speed, but not that good US download speed, hence the reason it’s not ranking first in our list.

Last test performed: March, 2018

Benchmark (without VPN) was ~100 Mbps Up & Down.

1. PIAEU Download: 81.46 / US Download: 77.56 / Total = 159.02 Mbps
2. AstrillEU Download: 78.85 / US Download: 78.65 / Total = 147.73 Mbps
3. ExpressVPNEU Download: 81.35 / US Download: 60.04 / Total = 143.19 Mbps
4. SaferVPNEU Download: 79.23 / US Download: 57.47 / Total = 136.70 Mbps
5. Avast SecurelineEU Download: 65.97 / US Download: 67.94 / Total = 133.91 Mbps
6. Trust.ZoneEU Download: 69.82 / US Download: 60.61 / Total = 130.43 Mbps
7. NordVPNEU Download: 74.15 / US Download: 56.00 / Total = 130.15 Mbps
8. VyprVPNEU Download: 74.48 / US Download: 51.09 / Total = 125.57 Mbps
9. HideMyAssEU Download: 63.34 / US Download: 58.98 / Total = 122.32 Mbps
10. Hotspot ShieldEU Download: 92.28 / US Download: 28.66 / Total = 120.94 Mbps
11. ZenMateEU Download: 63.44 / US Download: 57.03 / Total = 120.47 Mbps
12. IPVanishEU Download: 82.67 / US Download: 34.71 / Total = 117.38 Mbps
13. IvacyEU Download: 53.04 / US Download: 45.86 / Total = 98.90 Mbps
14. BufferedEU Download: 46.78 / US Download: 51.49 / Total = 98.27 Mbps
15. iVPNEU Download: 63.89 / US Download: 32.20 / Total = 96.09 Mbps
16. ProxPNEU Download: 51.11 / US Download: 43.10 / Total = 94.21 Mbps
17. AirVPNEU Download: 61.48 / US Download: 27.79 / Total = 89.27 Mbps
18. TunnelbearEU Download: 52.26 / US Download: 33.38 / Total = 85.64 Mbps
19. TorGuardEU Download: 53.83 / US Download: 31.66 / Total = 85.49 Mbps
20. ZoogVPNEU Download: 57.99 / US Download: 24.82 / Total = 82.81 Mbps
21. VPNSecure.meEU Download: 53.62 / US Download: 27.18 / Total = 80.80 Mbps
22. ProtonVPNEU Download: 54.46 / US Download: 24.60 / Total = 79.06 Mbps
23. VPN UnlimitedEU Download: 47.13 / US Download: 25.69 / Total = 72.82 Mbps
24. SurfEasyEU Download: 34.53 / US Download: 39.28 / Total = 73.81 Mbps
25. WindscribeEU Download: 42.97 / US Download: 29.74 / Total = 72.71 Mbps
26. CyberghostEU Download: 51.10 / US Download: 18.41 / Total = 69.51 Mbps
27. PureVPNEU Download: 35.49 / US Download: 29.41 / Total = 64.9 Mbps
28. VPNAreaEU Download: 47.36 / US Download: 10.05 / Total = 57.41 Mbps
29. StrongVPNEU Download: 11.36 / US Download: 38.96 / Total = 50.32 Mbps
30. TigerVPNEU Download: 33.60 / US Download: 14.53 / Total = 48.13 Mbps
31. Hide.meEU Download: 27.60 / US Download: 17.17 / Total = 44.77 Mbps
32. FrootVPNEU Download: 18.59 / US Download: 19.47 / Total = 38.06 Mbps
33. MullvadEU Download: 17.58 / US Download: 19.20 / Total = 36.78 Mbps
34. Avira PhantomEU Download: 12.18 / US Download: 4.34 / Total = 16.52 Mbps
35. BetternetUS Download: 3.18 (only US server available)  Total = 3.18 Mbps

1. Private Internet Access: Fastest VPN Across All Servers

  • EU Download: 81.46 Mbps (4th)
  • US Download: 77.56 Mbps (2nd)
PIA speed test

Private Internet Access or PIA, as it’s commonly known, is one of the fastest and most reliable VPNs that we’ve reviewed to date. The company operates more than 3,000 highly optimized servers all over the world and, although none of these servers are the fastest on this list, PIA’s average server speed consistently beat out all of the competition. If you can overlook the lack of Netflix compatibility and a less than ideal jurisdiction, PIA is easily one of the best VPN providers on the market.

Pros: Fast and stable download speeds across EU, US and Asia servers, low ping, torrenting is allowed.
Cons: Does not work with Netflix, no live chat, located in the US (5 eyes jurisdiction).

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2) Astrill VPN: The Runner Up

  • EU Download: 69.08 Mbps (10th)
  • US Download: 78.65 Mbps (1st)
Astrill VPN speed

In second place, we have Astrill VPN, a well-known and reliable VPN provider with the top 3 fastest U.S. servers. Although their lightning-fast performance should make them the obvious choice for US-based users, the company’s logging policy, lack of Netflix compatibility, and 2-device simultaneous connection limit prevent them from being our go-to company.

Pros: Fast and stable download and upload speeds.
Cons: Some logging, only 2 simultaneous connections & 336 servers, doesn’t work with Netflix.

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3) ExpressVPN: Third Fastest VPN and First Overall

  • EU Download: 81.35 Mbps (2nd)
  • US Download: 60.04 Mbps (4th)
expressvpn speed

ExpressVPN is currently our first in our best VPN comparison list. With the second fastest download times in the EU and the fourth fastest in the US, their collection of 1500+ servers is admittedly impressive. They also offer a strict “no logging policy”, Netflix compatibility, and easy torrenting. If you decide to try out ExpressVPN for yourself you can save more than 50% on the monthly rate by upgrading to a 15-month deal.

Pros: Fast download speed in EU and US, strict no logging, packed with features, works with torrenting and Netflix.
Cons: High cost for month-to-month users, slower upload speed.

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4) SaferVPN

  • EU Download: 79.23 Mbps (5th)
  • US Download: 57.47 Mbps (7th)
SaferVPN download and upload speed

Although their US servers are nothing exceptional, the extraordinary speed (79.23 Mbps) and reliability of SaferVPN’s EU servers make them one of the fastest VPNs on this list. When you combine their lightning fast download times with a generous 5-device limit, killswitch, and $4/mo price tag it’s ‘safe’ (pun intended) to say that SaferVPN is solid VPN. Before you jump the gun and sign up, it’s important to note that they have a questionable logging policy and very limited torrenting capabilities.

Pros: Great download speeds, 5 simultaneous connections, kill-switch.
Cons: Limited torrenting, questionable logging policy, doesn’t work in China.

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5) Avast Secureline VPN

  • EU Download: 65.97 Mbps (10th)
  • US Download: 67.94 Mbps (3rd)
Avast Secureline speed

With a household name like Avast backing your VPN service, I think it’s fair to say that the service should be nothing short of exceptional. While it’s true that Avast Secureline does offer consistently fast download speeds, torrenting, and a no logs policy, their misleading privacy policy, excessive price tag, and limited server park make it difficult to recommend them.

Pros: Top 10 download speed, torrenting is allowed, no logs policy, phone support.
Cons: No router support, doesn’t work with Netflix.

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6) Trust.Zone

  • EU Download: 69.46 Mbps (8th)
  • US Download: 60.61 Mbps (4th)

Although their servers speeds are marginally slower than Avast Secureline at 69.46 Mbps in the EU and 60.61 Mbps in the US, Trust.Zone’s consistent performance, live customer support, and easy to use interface makes them an overall solid VPN. We did have some issues with performance and connectivity based on our browsing region, so be sure to try out the 7-day free trial before making a final decision.

Pros: Stable connection speeds, low pricing, torrenting is allowed.
Cons: Poor customer support, not working with Netflix.

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7) NordVPN

  • EU Download: 74.15 Mbps (7th)
  • US Download: 56.00 Mbps (9th)

Although the performance of their U.S. servers is underwhelming (to say the least) NordVPN’s lightning fast EU servers, easy usability, strict no logs policy, and Netflix compatibility makes them one of the best VPNs on the market today. When you throw in easy torrenting and a price tag of only $2.75/month it’s easy to see why they’re ranked #2 overall. If you are purchasing a VPN anywhere outside of the United States, then NordVPN should be one of the first providers you consider.

Pros: 3000+ servers, most popular and well-known VPN, strict no logs, allows torrenting, works with Netflix.
Cons: Average US download speed.

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8) VyprVPN

  • EU Download: 74.48 Mbps (6th)
  • US Download: 51.09 Mbps (11th)

Switzerland based VPN provider VyprVPN offers decent download speeds and high-quality service. Although their US servers only clock in at 51.09 Mbps, their fast EU servers, torrenting friendly platform, and Netflix compatibility make them a great choice for European residents who haven’t been sold on any of the previous VPNs. Before you buy, it’s important to note that VyprVPN does keep some logs for up to 30 days after your connection and they don’t offer any sort of live customer support.

Pros: Affordable, torrenting allowed, free trial, works with Netflix.
Cons: Some logging, no live chat, no anonymous payment options.

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9) HideMyAss

  • EU Download: 63.34 Mbps
  • US Download: 58.98 Mbps

With their services extending to 45 countries and more than 800 servers, HideMyAss is one of the most well known and commonly used VPN services. Although their download speeds aren’t particularly exceptional, both their EU and US servers consistently ran at 63.34 Mbps and 53.98 Mbps respectively. Unfortunately, the company has a very questionable logging policy and is currently being accused of selling customer data.

Pros: Simple and easy app, good download speed, works with Netflix and allows torrenting.
Cons: High, cost, Blocked in some China provinces, sketchy logging policy, located in the US.

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10) HotSpot Shield

  • EU Download: 92.28 Mbps (1st)
  • US Download: 28.66 Mbps (22nd)
HotSpot shield speed

HotSpot Shield is, by far, one of the most frustrating VPN providers I’ve ever reviewed. They offer the fastest EU download times I’ve ever seen, a platform that is easy to use, fully support torrenting, and are compatible with Netflix. But the company is also mired in privacy allegations, keeps unnecessary logs, and has nothing to offer their US customers.

Pros: Fastest speed in the EU, torrenting fully supported, works with Netflix.
Cons: Slow US speed, privacy allegations, some logging, ticketed support, located in the US (5 eyes).

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11) Zenmate

  • EU Download: 63.44 Mbps (12th)
  • US Download: 57.03 Mbps (8th)

Although their download speeds were only fast enough to keep them out of the top 10 fastest VPNs, ZenMate is still an excellent provider that brings plenty to the table. However, what they do well is quickly overshadowed by their shady logging policy, sparse server park, and AES-128 encryption standard.

Pros: Decent download/upload speed in all servers, torrenting is allowed.
Cons: No live chat, no Netflix, questionable logging policy.

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12) IPVanish

  • EU Download: 82.67 Mbps (3rd)
  • US Download: 34.71 Mbps (16th)

Although IPVanish is one of the fastest VPN providers in the EU, their unusable download speeds in the United States and exorbitant cost make them difficult to recommend. They offer a zero logging policy, strong encryption, and a vast park including more than 1,000 servers. However, they lack Netflix compatibility and blatantly lie to their customers about alleged 24/7 customer support.

Pros: Very fast EU speed, 1000+ servers, decent working app, zero logging, strong encryption.
Cons: Located in the US (5 eyes), no Netflix, no 24/7 support (although advertised), high cost.

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Does a fast VPN necessarily a good VPN?

Now that you’ve seen the 12 fastest VPNs, some of you are probably wondering – “Just because a VPN is fast does that mean I should use it?

Unfortunately, there are countless factors to take into consideration when choosing a VPN, and speed is only one of those factors. 

Some fast VPNs have few major drawbacks that can take a shot at your privacy or a wallet. Furthermore, some of them may not allow torrenting and streaming Netflix.

If you’re goal is to use VPN all-around, take a look at this best vpn comparison chart.

If you’re goal is to solely watch Netflix, considering getting a VPN that actually works with Netflix (only few are able to bypass Netflix nowadays).

If you’re goal is to safely browse, consider getting a VPN that is best for torrenting (some VPNs may not allow torrenting).

If your privacy is the most important thing, definitely read this piece on VPNs logging policy.

How Can I Speed Up My VPN Connection?

If you want to maximize your VPN connection speeds or you find that your network is particularly slow on any given day, there are a number of different ways to resolve the issue.

  1. Change Servers – Like most things in this world, servers fluctuate. Their speeds change, they experience delays, downtime, and a whole host of other issues that could be affecting your speed. If you find that your VPN connected network is slower than usual, try switching to a different server before attempting any of the other steps on this list.
  2.  Connect Using L2TP or IPSec Protocols – If you aren’t using your VPN for security purposes (e.g. bypassing a location specific content filter) you can connect your device using the faster L2TP or IPSec protocols.
  3. Temporarily Disable All Extra Features – If your connection is still lagging after changing servers and protocols, then I recommend that you go into the advanced settings of your VPN client and temporarily disable ALL extra security features. If your speed has improved reactivate the features one by one until you find the culprit through the process of elimination.

If your VPN connection is still slower than usual after following the above tips, then throw a Hail Mary and reboot everything. Restart your router, modem, device, and VPN and when you connect, try using a different country.

P.S. If you see a VPN that is not listed in this test – get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to test it out and include on this page.

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