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Mullvad is a swedish based VPN provider that claims to protect your anonymity. In this review, I’ll compare Mullvad’s download/upload speed and features.

In this Mullvad review, I’m going to cover the pros and cons of the service by looking at their download and upload speeds, pricing and packages, features, and more.

I’m going to be comparing the customer support of Mullvad to other top VPN software, test out this VPN with Netflix, disclose whether torrenting is allowed, and more. Here are table of contents:

What is Mullvad? Background information

Before we can get into all of that, here is a brief history on Mullvad so that you aren’t left wondering who’s behind this company. (Or if they have your best interests in mind.)

Mullvad was founded in 2008 in Sweden and is owned by Amagicom AB.

They like to think of themselves as one of the most private VPN services currently on the market.

Mullvad homepage

From the get-go, Mullvad showcases their reputation for being a secure VPN, with the first lines on the homepage reading: “World-class, online privacy.”

Here’s what Mullvad says about themselves across their site:

Mullvad perks

Mullvad is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Chrome OS users can access the built-in VPN client, while Android users can use Mullvad with the OpenVPN for Android app.

You can use Mullvad on 5 devices simultaneously. But it also works with DD-WRT routers, and they support IPv6. So you can connect a router and then add more devices on top of it.

Mullvad offers offers a kill switch. That’s critical in today’s world. Without one, you’d be left completely exposed when your WiFi connection goes out.

That happens all the time on unstable public ones. Your phone’s cell network is designed to kick in if that happens, so you might continue browsing without even realizing your VPN connection has been severed.

Kill switches prevent you this problem from happening.


Plans & Pricing (Only 1 Plan, 5EUR/mo – that’s ~$6/mo)

Mullvad offers a 30-day money back guarantee policy if you use credit, debit, or Bitcoin.

Mullvad money-back guarantee

Unfortunately, no refunds are available for cash payments. You also get to try Mullvad for free for three hours before deciding if it’s right for you.

So far so good, right? Plenty of options to try it out without ever committing a dime. But how much will the paid service eventually cost you?

After that, it’s only €5 per month.

Mullvad pricing

Pricing for Mullvad gets as simple as that. There’s no other payment option other than a €5 monthly charge.

So how does that compare?

Most month-to-month VPN options I’ve seen will set you back around $10. So already, you’re saving around ~$4 at current exchange rates.

However, if you do take some of these services up on pre-paying for the annual option, they might only be around ~$3-5. In this case, you might overpay for Mullvad.


How Safe is Mullvad VPN? Very.

The company also claims that “privacy is a universal right” and says that their ultimate goals is to “make internet censorship and mass surveillance completely ineffective.

Because they actually do go to a lot of of lengths to help you remain anonymous throughout the whole process.

When signing up with Mullvad, you don’t need to share any of this information:

  • Your email
  • Your name
  • Your phone
  • etc..

Instead, the only thing Mullvad will ever know about your account is the “account number”:

Mullvad account number

Most other VPN services require you to sign up with a valid email address. So even though your actions are often masked… your own VPN company still knows everything about you.

That’s where Mullvad is different. There’s virtually no way for Mullvad to know who you are, since you don’t even have to give them your name.

Mullvad features

According to this section, you don’t even need to disclose an email address to use Mullvad. Or a credit card. You can use their free account number to register, pay in Bitcoin, and remain completely anonymous from your account with them.

Good Security

Mullvad’s data is encrypted with AES-256.

Mullvad data encryption

This kind of encryption has become the gold standard. It’s considered ‘military-grade,’ used by both government agencies and top security professionals around the world.

I also liked that Mullvad goes to such extra lengths to help you remain anonymous.

They’re one of the only VPN services I’ve seen that do not require an email address or credit card. Usually, those two things are more than enough to link your personal information to your VPN account.

But Mullvad side-steps this issue by giving you a random account number and accepting Bitcoin or cash.

Mullvad pricing and payment

Mullvad doesn’t even track your activity on their homepage. So it’s safe to say you don’t have to worry about logging.

Mullvad no logging or homepage tracking



Cons of Using Mullvad VPN

1. Download Speed is Concerning

Privacy is obviously important.

But ideally, you don’t want to sacrifice performance for privacy. You should be able to expect a relatively quick session while browsing anonymously.

So I ran speed tests on US, EU, and Asian servers to see how well Mullvad works. Here are my results:

US Server (California)

  • Ping: 184 ms
  • Download: 19.2 Mbps
  • Upload: 9.68 Mbps

Kind of disappointing results, especially when it comes to upload speeds. These should be better.

EU Server (Netherlands)

  • Ping: 40 ms
  • Download: 10.48 Mbps
  • Upload: 17.58 Mbps

Mullvad VPN download and upload speed

These speeds are a bit better than the results on US servers, but still pretty slow.

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 327 ms
  • Download: 15.23 Mbps
  • Upload: 4 Mbps

Simply put: These are slow results.

Some VPNs I’ve already reviewed have download and upload speeds as fast as 70 or 80 Mbps.

Mullvad does offer some tips on their site for improving connection speeds, like connecting to a server that’s closer to your geographical location.

Mullvad tips to improve speed

But overall, I’d expect much better connection speeds without having to do these workarounds.

Overall, Mullvad is the second slowest I’ve reviewed. That doesn’t sound too good.

Low Number of Servers – Bottleneck?

Mullvad has 113 servers in 25 countries.

Some companies I’ve reviewed, like ExpressVPN, has thousands of servers available. So Mullvad is definitely on the smaller side.

But they do have more than a few others, like FrootVPN (another Swedish based VPN) who only has 30 servers total. Mullvad doesn’t offer any kind of visual or map showing their server locations, but they do have an area on their site with a complete server list.

Mullvad server list

2. No Live Chat, No Phone Support

If you need to get in touch with Mullvad, they list their contact information right on their site.

Mullvad contact info

There are tons of FAQs posted on their site for users to find a quick answer to their query. Otherwise, they use a ticketing system for customer support.

Mullvad FAQ

However, it looks like they’re also pretty active on their Twitter page when it comes to addressing problems and interacting with customers.

Mullvad Twitter

Some VPNs offer live chat options, so I was a little disappointed to fill out a form.

To use Mullvad’s ticketing option, you can click the “Error report” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform.

Mullvad Error Report

From there, you can type a message to Mullvad and even send debug information automatically. To them.

Mullvad error report form

Here’s the question I asked Mullvad:

Mullvad support request

Turns out, you just have to send your cash in the mail with your customer ID number to their physical mailing address and they will add more time to your account once the cash is received.

3. Not working with Netflix, but Torrenting is allowed

Now for the most exciting moment of any VPN review: Finding out if it works with Netflix.

This one of the top reasons people seek VPN access, so I was pretty eager to see if Mullvad worked with the platform.

I got excited after first signing in.

My Netflix dashboard loaded and international titles like this appeared when I was connected to a server out of Spain:

Mullvad Netflix Spain

The moment of truth came when I clicked on the title to actually watch it. So I clicked to play and was met with…

Mullvad Netflix Error

It didn’t work. Netflix could tell I was using some kind of VPN and didn’t allow me access to the title. This happened on every single server I tried.

So unfortunately, no. Mullvad doesn’t work on Netflix.


Torrenting and P2P traffic are allowed with Mullvad.

Mullvad allows P2P and torrent

Meaning you can use this VPN safely for torrenting.



Do I recommend Mullvad? I doubt..

Overall, I would not recommend Mullvad.

There was a lot to like.

It’s extremely secure, and your identity will be virtually untrackable since this VPN only needs your account number to work.

Pricing and plans are simple and easy to understand, customer support is average, and the encryption is great.

Plus, torrenting is allowed and Mullvad is incredibly easy to use.

All things considered, Mullvad definitely lives up to its reputation of being a private and secure VPN option. It allows for customers to remain virtually anonymous.

But that anonymity comes at a price.

In the end, the long-term pricing was a little too high. The connection speeds were a little too slow.

It doesn’t have any extra features. And if you want to access Netflix, this is definitely not the VPN for you.

Overall, Mullvad ranks at 42/100 based on our scoring.

So there are definitely much better options, like ExpressVPN and PIA, out there.

Add your own Mullvad VPN Review

Have you ever used Mullvad before? If so, what was your experience like? I’m always interested to hear what other enthusiasts have to say about the VPNs that I review! Let me know below.

4 user reviews for Mullvad


2/10 December 10, 2017

Too slow

I used it 30 days. I thought it was too slow. I went from 86 Mbps to around 20-25 Mbps.

Lulu Freud

10/10 November 22, 2017

Fantastic Vpn

I’ve used a lot of vpns, the “famous” ones (PIA, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, NordVPN etc…) but the best ones I found were Mullvad and AirVPN.

Both deeply involved in Internet freedom causes and not only doing business.

Mullvad is the top of the cream for an European user: Good client that you can easily customize, great speed, strong encryption and VERY safe registration.

For Linux users, there’s a possibility to use Wireguard which is fluent sand save.


4/10 October 29, 2017

Slow speeds ruined it

I was excited to sign up with Mullvad when it came out. It was really fast at first, but now they’re below average.

Everything else is great, but they should really improve their servers to handle the amount of new customers they receive each day.

I’ve cancelled my account with Mullvad for now.


9/10 October 4, 2016

Probably the safest VPN

I’ve had the luck to be a part of Mulvad beta testing and I’ve been their customer ever since.

They’re cheap, they don’t keep ANY logs, based in Sweden – which is a pretty independent country. It’s for your PRIVACY, not for watching Netflix and bypassing geo restrictions.

Yes – their speed is slightly slow, but stable. I’d say it’s a pretty solid VPN product.