Best VPNs for Torrenting

Brad Smith

Brad Smith

Whenever you are torrenting, you are risking of getting a potential letter or even subpoena from your ISP. Hence I did a research to find out safe VPNs for torrenting.

Torrenting is a method of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing that involves downloading small amounts data from many different web sources at one time. Torrenting itself is not illegal — in fact, it’s an important tool for many internet users who rely on open source software. In 2017 alone, an average of 27 million P2P users downloaded and shared files on peer-to-peer networks per day.

The best VPNs for torrenting safely have features like strong no log policies, kill-switches to stop your IP address accidental exposure, and warrant canaries to alert the public if the provider has received a confidential request for user data by Government or law enforcement.

7 Safe VPNs That Allow Torrenting 100%

We looked at the torrenting policies of almost 70 VPN providers. Below are our top 10 VPNs for torrenting.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. Mullvad
  4. Perfect Privacy
  5. PrivateVPN
  6. Private Internet Access
  7. TorGuard

For more about the providers we looked out, check out our full analysis below, review the policies of each provider in our comparison chart.

1. ExpressVPN – Best for uTorrent users

ExpressVPN torrenting policy

British Virgin Islands–based provider ExpressVPN not only allows torrenting but their support page outlines exactly how to use their VPN to do it.

What’s more, a blog post from 2017 that examines the information your internet service provider can collect about you mentions torrenting — and puts particular emphasis on the fact that the IPS can see both legal and illegal torrenting, suggesting the provider knows their service is used for non-legal torrenting, and isn’t stopping it.

Torrent with ExpressVPN

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2. NordVPN – 500+ servers optimized for P2P activities

nordvpn torrenting policy

Nord VPN is exceptionally torrent friendly. They not only allow torrenting, but seem to encourage it, boasting their service is optimized for P2P activities. Nord also doesn’t log any of your internet traffic and just requires an email and password to access.

The provider has double encryption for extra security and a killswitch to keep your info safe in the event of a VPN connection loss.

Torrent with NordVPN

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3. Mullvad – Best for qBittorrent users

Mullvad torrenting policy

Mullvad allows torrenting, and provides a guide to how to securely use the torrenting program “qbittorrent.”

Although they don’t provide guides for other torrenting programs, they don’t advise against them either. According to their website’s FAQ, they “keep no activity logs, do not ask for personal information, and even encourage anonymous payments via cash or … cryptocurrencies.”

Torrent with Mullvad

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4. Perfect Privacy – Up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth

Perfect Privacy torrenting policy

Perfect privacy takes a strong pro-torrenting stance. They say their servers are “ideal for torrent and file sharing.” Their servers allow for connections up to 1000 MPBs.

They do not record user activity and they trust open source software.

Torrent with Perfect Privacy

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5. PrivateVPN – All servers supporting P2P

PrivateVPN torrenting policy

PrivateVPN allows torrenting on all servers, but recommends the ones in Sweden. PrivateVPN also take a blind approach to their users’ data.

Because PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, a country with friendly privacy laws, they refrain from tracking or logging any personal info. They also boast a killswitch feature as well as port-forwarding.

Torrent with PrivateVPN

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6. Private Internet Access – Support torrenting traffic

PIA torrenting policy
PIA torrenting policy

PIA, or Private Internet Access, supports peer-to-peer activities (torrenting) and has a solid no log policy.

They don’t mention the use of a warrant canary or feature a killswitch, but PIA boasts an impressive 3041 servers in 28 countries, which is on the high side of the spectrum when it comes to server numbers.

Torrent with PIA

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7. TorGuard – Best for BitTorrent users

TorGuard torrenting policy

Torguard is friendly to torrenting and is focused on secure torrenting.

They have a section of their website explaining how to use their service to anonymously torrent. TorGuard has a strict no logging policy and has servers meant solely for torrenting at higher speeds.

Torrent with TorGuard

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9 VPNs That Don’t Allow or Block Torrenting

These providers are strongly focused on the security the VPNs provide and are not as interested in providing torrenting services. They focus on keeping you anonymous as you use the internet for activities other than torrenting.

1. DotVPN

DotVPN torrenting policy

Hong Kong based DotVPN is not against torrenting, but has not made the feature available with their product yet. On their website, they do claim they will make it available in the future.

2. torrenting policy takes a strong anti-torrent stance. The state that their product “is not and has never been an appropriate service for downloading copyrighted material” and thus has blocked P2P file sharing on all of its servers.

3. Hola VPN

Hola VPN is free for non-commercial use, but no longer allows torrenting on their servers, even though they use peer-to-peer node and not proxy servers to keep you anonymous. Hola is upfront and honest about logging your data, noting that they use “various technologies to collect and store information such as cookies, pixel tags, web beacons and log files.”

Hola VPN torrenting policy

4. Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN torrenting policy

Hoxx VPN does not allow any torrenting and refers to torrenting sites and software as “illegal networks,” stating their “community needs to stay clean to save your rights.”

5. Kaspersky Secure Connection

Kaspersky Secure Connection torrenting policy

Kaspersky Secure Connection provides different levels of service depending on account type, however, no levels of service allow for torrenting.

6. Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPN torrenting policy

Well-known internet security brand Norton doesn’t support torrenting of any kind and will shut off the Norton VPN connection as soon as they detect a torrent, noting they believe active torrenting leaves your computer vulnerable to threats.

7. PersonalVPN

Personal VPN torrenting policy

Personal VPN blocks any torrenting site that has been linked to abuse or potentially has copyrighted material on it, severely limiting any ability to torrent.

8. Touch VPN

TouchVPN torrenting policy

Touch VPN does not encrypt any torrenting data. If you torrent while using Touch VPN, your data will not remain secure and your real IP address will be revealed. In their official terms of use section, they state that you may not “upload, post, or transmit” any content that violates laws and maintain that you must follow all copyright laws.

9. Zenmate

Zenmate torrenting policy

German VPN provider Zenmate does not allow their product to be used for torrenting, stating it is against their terms of service to violate intellectual property law.

Comparing VPN Torrenting Policies

Finding the right VPN for your torrenting needs can be difficult, but there are a few key things to remember when deciding on an option. When torrenting, you want a VPN that allows you to torrent with as few restrictions as possible.

Additionally, it’s imperative to use a VPN provider that doesn’t log any of your personal information, in case user data is requested by government or law enforcement.

You can compare the torrenting and logging policies of all the VPN providers we reviewed in our comparison chart, below.

VPN ProviderTorrenting PolicyLogging Policy
AirVPNAllowedStrict no logging
Anonymous VPNAllowedStrict no logging
AstrillAllowedSome logging
AzireVPNAllowedNo important logging
BTGuard VPNAllowedGrey area
Buffered VPNAllowedSome logging
ExpressVPNAllowedStrict no logging
FastestVPNAllowedStrict no logging
FrootVPNAllowedStrict no logging
Hide ALL IPAllowedNo important logging
Hide My IPAllowedSome logging
Hotspot ShieldAllowedSome logging
LiquidVPNAllowedSome logging
MullvadAllowedNo important logging
NordVPNAllowedStrict no logging
OneVPNAllowedNo important logging
Perfect PrivacyAllowedStrict no logging
PIAAllowedStrict no logging
PrivateVPNAllowedStrict no logging
ProXPNAllowedStrict no logging
SecureVPNAllowedNo important logging
SlickVPNAllowedNo important logging
StrongVPNAllowedStrict no logging
SurfEasyAllowedSome logging
TorGuardAllowedStrict no logging
Trust.zoneAllowedStrict no logging
TunnelBearAllowedStrict no logging
VPN.htAllowedNo important logging
VPNTunnelAllowedGrey area
ZoogVPNAllowedSome logging
Ace VPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
Avast SecureLineAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
BlackVPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
CactusVPAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
Celo VPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
GooseVPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
Hide.MeAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
IvacyAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
iVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
ProtonVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
PureVPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
RA4W VPNAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
SaferVPNAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
SpeedifyAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
TigerVPNAllowed on limited serversSome logging
VPN.acAllowed on limited serversNo important log files
VPNAreaAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
VPNSecure.meAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
WindscribeAllowed on limited serversStrict no logging
AnonymizerCopyrighted material forbiddenFull logging
BetternetCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
BolehVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenFull logging
CyberGhostCopyrighted material forbiddenStrict no logging
F-Secure FreedomeCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
HideMyAss VPNCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
ibVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenNo important log files
IPVanishCopyrighted material forbiddenStrict no logging
Private TunnelCopyrighted material forbiddenGrey area
VPN UnlimitedCopyrighted material forbiddenSome loggnig
VyprVPNCopyrighted material forbiddenSome logging
DotVPNNot allowedGrey area
Encrypt.meNot allowedSome logging
Hola VPNNot allowedFull logging
Hoxx VPNNot allowedSome logging
Kaspersky Secure ConnectionNot allowedSome logging
Norton Wi-Fi Privacy VPNNot allowedSome logging
PersonalVPNNot allowedStrict no logging
TouchVPNNot allowedSome logging
ZenmateNot allowedStrict no logging

A VPN doesn’t solve every internet security or privacy issue, and you still need to use common sense to protect yourself and your data when uploading, downloading or even just surfing the web. Learn more about how to safely torrent with our beginner’s guide to safe torrenting infographic.