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VyprVPN Review

Brad Smith

Brad Smith · Read user reviews

VyprVPN isn’t perfect provider, but it definitely provides some important features that other’s don’t..

VyprVPN ReviewIn this VyprVPN review, I’ll do my best to list out all the advantages and disadvantages of this VPN service.

Switzerland based company Golden Frog (the parent company of VyprVPN) has been an integral player in the fight for online privacy since the inception of the internet.

According to their website, the company was founded more than two decades ago in 1994 as a response to the Room 641a incident where the NSA was illegally surveilling citizens by tapping the AT&T network cables.

Allegedly, Golden Frog filed a formal complaint with the FCC to try and expose the issue to the public, but was ignored.

So they decided to take matters into their own hands…

Lead by Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis (relatives), Golden Frog and their 20+ employees have been on the frontlines of the battle for internet privacy in recent years and have built a strong reputation as one of the leading VPN providers on the web.

As such, I had pretty high expectations going into this review.

But the question still remains,

Does Golden Frog’s VyprVPN live up to the hype?

Let’s dive in and find out!

What Does VyprVPN Do?

Overall Rank:  36th out of 74 VPNs
Logging:  Some logging
Speed:  17th out of 73 +
DNS Leaks:  None found +
Netflix:  2 out 5 servers worked +
Torrenting:  Discouraging
Compatibility:  Most devices (no TOR, though) +
Usability:  Good +
Servers:  700+ servers in 70 countries +
Support:  Ticket system (slow)
Cost:  $4.98/mo and above

VyprVPN’s primary mission, as stated on their website, is simple.

...protect your privacy online, secure your Internet connection and restore your freedom.

To accomplish this goal, they provide their users with access to the OpenVPN protocol (default) as well as PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP and they encrypt all of your data using the ultra-secure AES-256 encryption key (the same standard used by the FBI, CIA, and NSA).

But they don’t stop protecting your data there…

In recent years, draconian countries like North Korea and China have been cracking down on VPN users using something known as a ‘Deep Packet Inspection or DPI which scans metadata and searches for tell-tale signs that indicate someone is using a VPN.

Once they’ve caught onto your trail, these governments will begin to block or throttle your usage to ensure that you cannot successfully use a VPN for any purpose (legal or otherwise).

… Which is a big problem for many users.

In response to these recent crackdowns, VyprVPN developed a proprietary technology known as Chameleon™ that scrambles your metadata so that you can continue to use your VPN without getting picked up by the DPI scans.

If you’re using your VPN from a country like China, Russia, or Turkey, this can, quite literally, be a lifesaver.

Unfortunately, due to VPN restrictions by iOS, this technology is only available for Android, Windows, and Mac users (sorry team iPhone).

So far, things are looking great for VyprVPN…

But what about their logging policy?

With such a long and rich history of fighting for internet security and individual privacy rights, you would imagine that VyprVPN would provide a strict “Zero Logs” policy.

… Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case.

VyprVPN Logging Policy

As you can see from the above screenshot, VyprVPN keeps the following information for 30 days after your last session…

  • VyprVPN IP address used by the user
  • Connection start and stop time
  • Total number of bytes used

So your IP isn’t really hidden that way.

While this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, I was still disappointed that a VPN app with such a staunch stance on internet privacy would implement such a lax and questionable logging policy.

It’s also important to consider that, even though Switzerland resides outside of the five, nine, and fourteen eyes countries, their data retention laws and internet privacy policies aren’t as favorable as many people claim and they could pose as a potential issue for some users.

Is VyprVPN Fast?

In a word?

… Yes!

Our benchmark speed test (without a VPN) clocked in with a 98 Mbps download speed and a 53 Mbps upload speed:

Speed test without VPN provider

Here’s how it performed when we connected VyprVPN to an EU server.

VyprVPN speed test

Not too bad!

With a download speed of 74.48 Mbps VyprVPN slowed my connection by a little bit less than 24% which is more than acceptable.

However, some of their other servers didn’t fare quite as well…

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 131ms
  • Download: 51.09 Mbps
  • Upload: 3.17 Mbps

EU Server (Amsterdam)

  • Ping: 42ms
  • Download: 74.48 Mbps
  • Upload: 35.88 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 355ms
  • Download: 54.29 Mbps
  • Upload: 8.22 Mbps

UK Server (London)

  • Ping: 53ms
  • Download: 70.46 Mbps
  • Upload: 37.47 Mbps

As you can see, VyprVPN’s EU servers are highly optimized and provide their users with rapid download and upload speeds.

… Their U.S. servers, on the other hand, leave something to be desired.

When I last reviewed VyprVPN it was the fourth fastest VPN out of the 70+ that have been reviewed here on thebestvpn.com


Times have changed.

Although VyprVPN performs just as well as it always has, there have been a number of new additions to the VPN marketplace that have knocked VyprVPN out of the ranking for the fastest VPNs.

The lackluster speeds of their U.S. servers have caused VyprVPN to drop from the 4th fastest VPN down to the 18th (which is a far fall indeed).

With companies like Private Tunnel and ExpressVPN performing considerably faster than VyprVPN, Golden Frog will have their work cut out for them in the coming months to bring their U.S. servers back up to par and compete with the other major players in the VPN marketplace.

Is VyprVPN Safe?

In order to double check the privacy and safety of VyprVPN, I ran a couple of scans using IP and DNS Leak detection software to ensure that all of my information was indeed being kept private.

Here were the results that I found…

VyprVPN Leak test 1 VyprVPN Leak test 2 VyprVPN Leak test 3

After running more than four tests, I can safely say that I had no IP nor DNS leaks while using VyprVPN.

…Which is a big win.

I also decided to run a scan using VirusTotal to ensure that GoldeFrog wasn’t injecting any malware or adware onto my device.

no viruses found

Again, everything checked out and I am happy to report that VyprVPN appears, for all intents and purposes, to be a safe VPN provider.

Does VyprVPN work with Netflix?

Ever since Netflix began geo-blocking on customers using a VPN to access location restricted movies and TV shows, it’s become increasingly difficult to find a VPN provider that allows you to stream content from Netflix.

I tested out VyprVPN’s Netflix compatibility using their variety of different servers across the United States and EU.

… Here were the results that I got.

  • New York Server: Works like a charm! Videos load fast and I was able to stream without any problems.
  • Chicago Server: Just like the New York server, I had no problem connecting to Netflix using VyprVPN’s Chicago server.
  • United Kingdom: Blocked
  • Canada: Blocked
  • Netherlands: Blocked

While I was a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t stream nor unblock Netflix from any of their EU server locations, this is still a “Win” for Golden Frog considering just how rare it is to find a VPN provider that still works with Netflix.

Netflix bypass

I was pleasantly surprised when I connected to their New York server and was able to load up John Mulaney’s Comeback Kid without so much as a 3-second buffer.

Is Torrenting Allowed?

Although VyprVPN and Golden Frog have kept fairly quiet regarding their opinion on P2P file sharing and torrenting, I was able to find the following statement on their help center.

Is torrenting alowed with VyprVPN

And this seems great.

Heck, VyprVPN even allows their customers to use BitTorrent clients and claim that they don’t actively monitor any of your network activity.

But there’s a catch…

When I dug a little deeper I found that many GoldenFrog clients were having their account suspended due to copyright infringement notices and the support team responded to these suspensions with the following statement.

customer support answer

So even though you can technically torrent files with VyprVPN it’s important to note that if you break any copyright laws, you will likely have your account canceled or suspended (and unfortunately, there are no refunds).

What Devices Are Supported?

VyprVPN is compatible with all major devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In addition to these basic devices, VyprVPN also allows you to anonymize your router, Apple TV, and Android TV.

VyprVPN compatibility

At this time, it does not appear that VyprVPN offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer (but no one uses that anyways… Right?)

In addition, VyprVPN is not compatible with TOR (the Orion Router) or any other third party proxies so if you’re looking to add an extra layer of anonymity and security to your VPN experience, you might need to look at some other providers.

Is VyprVPN Easy To Use (Usability)

One of the areas where VyprVPN really shines is in its usability…

I’ve tested out dozens of VPNs and of the 70+ applications that I’ve used, VyprVPN is by far one of the simplest and smoothest to use.

After clicking a few buttons and agreeing to their Terms of Service, VyprVPN is instantly downloaded to your device and you’re brought to their easy-to-use home interface.

good usabilityFrom here, it’s easy to access the settings menu and quickly change your connection, tunneling protocol, or DNS settings.

VyprVPN app settings

All in all, VyprVPN provides their customers with a simple and easy to use application that allows for effortless navigation and efficiency.

Servers & Additional Features

With more than 700+ servers spread across 70+ countries, VyprVPN offers their customers access to one of the largest networks and server parks that has ever been reviewed on this site.

In addition to this impressive figure, they are also one of the few VPN companies that write and host their own servers and DNS.

… Which is fantastic for user privacy.

This means that they own the ENTIRE network that you are using while connected to their VPN client and they are the only party who has any access to your private information.

Furthermore, they offer a fantastic killswitch feature which allows you to rest easy knowing that, even if you get disconnected from one of their servers (a problem I never encountered), all of your activities will be immediately shut down, preventing you or your information from being compromised.

Last, but not least

How is VyprVPN’s Customer Support?

One of the biggest improvements that VyprVPN has made since the last time I reviewed them is their customer support.

Previously, I was forced to endure more than a 14 hour response time (which was far from the advertised 24/7 support).

This time around, however, GoldenFrog seems to have gotten it right.

For the purposes of this review, I submitted three different support inquiries and received a response within ten minutes for each one.

Here’s a screenshot of my second support ticket inquiring about which UK servers might be compatible with Netflix.

screenshot second support ticket

Since this didn’t really answer my question, I followed up again and received the following response. screenshot of third support ticket

Although this wasn’t exactly the answer I was hoping to see, it was nice to see that VyprVPN had dramatically improved their response time even if the support team lacked some of the requisite knowledge to assist me in my inquiry.

VyprVPN Cost, Plans & Payment Methods

Unlike most of the big name VPNs on the market, VyprVPN doesn’t offer a “One Size Fits All” plan.

Instead, they offer two different subscriptions, basic and premium, to buy a VyprVPN:

The Basic Plan

  • $60.00/year when you select the yearly plan ($5.00/mo)
  • $9.95/mo for a monthly subscription
  • 3 simultaneous connections
  • Unlimited data usage

The Premium Plan

  • $80.00/year when billed annually ($6.67/mo)
  • $12.95/mo for a monthly subscription
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • VyprVPN Cloud Included
  • Chameleon Included

I’m not a fan of VPNs that offer basic vs. premium pricing plans but, for all intents and purposes, VyprVPN charges a fair price for their large server park, fast download speeds, and Netflix compatibility.

Since all plans come with a 3-day free trial (without bandwidth limit), VyprVPN does not offer refunds under any circumstances so be sure to test out their service as thoroughly as possible before committing to a yearly plan.

Luckily, canceling your VyprVPN trial or subscription is actually pretty simple, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your control panel (URL)
  2. Click “Accounts” and then “Cancel Service”
  3. Answer why you want to cancel
VyprVPN account cancellation

And that’s it!

Considering how many VPN providers offer shady refund terms and hidden charges, it’s refreshing to see that VyprVPN is straightforward and transparent about the entire payment process.

One final note to consider is that VyprVPN does not offer any anonymous payment options.

…You can only pay with a debit or credit card, PayPal, or AliPay.

Sorry Bitcoin fans, if you want to pay anonymously, VyprVPN is not the service for you.

Do We Recommend VyprVPN?

Yes and no…

VyprVPN is a great VPN provider that offers their customers access to top of the line security features, a vast server park, Netflix compatibility and decent customer service.

However, their questionable logging policy, lack of anonymous payment options, and legal concerns around torrenting files can pose as a serious issue for some users.

When you consider just how many excellent VPNs are in the same price range it’s hard to justify purchasing a VyprVPN subscription over one of their faster or more feature rich competitors.

At the end of the day, if your primary concern is security and anonymity, VyprVPN is one of the best services on the market.

However, if you are looking for the best all-around VPN that will give you the biggest bang for your buck then I’d recommend checking out our VPN reviews of NordVPN & ExpressVPN.

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5 user reviews for VyprVPN

dan komis 1/10 July 25, 2018


I've never seen a dodgier service. They take your money first, and ask questions later. They manually review every single account. If they suspect you of fraud (They are the judge and jury), then they just deny your service, and keep your money. Like every company, they want to save money, and are understaffed, so they take their sweet time to review your eligibility. Maybe, just maybe they might approve you, and you will have the privilege of using their service AFTER they already have your money. But if they don;t like you, and accuse you of fraud, then they keep your money, and you are out $10. Thank god I didn't sign up for their yearly service. Be warned. If you are in need of using VPN urgently, don't sign up for vypyr.

E Douglas Jensen 10/10 May 11, 2018

DPI protection is very important

It isn’t just “draconian” countries that do DPI and block VPN’s, so does–for example–BBC as you will discover if you try to VPN to watch their video channels. But VyprVPN/Chameleon gets through, and at a decent download speed. You under-played that feature, which almost all other VPN’s lack. I am not the least bit concerned about torrenting which I never would do, nor am I at all concerned about their logging.

Al Lee 1/10 April 27, 2018

They do log

They suspended my subscription saying I downloaded torrent movie. So much for no log claim.

I switched to PureVPN but lost the balance of my subscription to VYPRvpn.

Richard 2/10 February 14, 2018

If you care about privacy and torrenting, this is not a VPN for you

-Was able to watch Netflix in US, Australia, and New Zealand. The other countries (including the UK) I tried were blocked by Netflix and detected as a VPN

(Phew, where to start?)

-THEY ARE TRACKING YOU: VyprVPN tracks what you are doing while you’re connected to their service despite the claim on their privacy statement (https://www.goldenfrog.com/privacy): “What Golden Frog Does Not Collect From VyprVPN Sessions: Does not log a user’s traffic or the content of any communications.” This is obviously false because:

-COPYRIGHT NOTICES: If they detect you are torrenting, you will be sent a DMCA copyright infringement notice by email and your service will be blocked until you sign an affirmation that you will not do it again. Refusal to sign means your service will forever be blocked.

-RUDE CUSTOMER SUPPORT: After I was sent an email that I had downloaded copyrighted material and that my service was blocked, I contacted support via live chat telling them I wanted to cancel my service. I asked for a PARTIAL refund since there was still 20 days left of the month that I would not be using. I did not ask for a full refund of the month, just the unused portion of the 20 days left! Not an unreasonable request, I think. The support person told me they had a strict no-refund policy. After arguing back and forth about why I didn’t want to sign their affirmation and that they were the ones blocking my use of their product, the customer service agent told me he was going to end the chat! How rude! I find their attitude was quite inflexible and not customer-friendly.

-INFLEXIBLE REFUND POLICY: My request for even a partial refund was denied even though they blocked my service. I find their policy quite inflexible.

-If you care about privacy and torrenting, this is not a VPN for you

Al 3/10 October 2, 2017

Session logs kept for 30 days

VyprVPN does keep session logs for 30 days, although the review says no logs are kept. The following (taken from the VyprVPN website) logging is done:

“Each time a user connects to VyprVPN, we retain the following data for 30 days: the user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, connection start and stop time and total number of bytes used.”