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Ivacy VPN Review

Rob Mardisalu

Rob Mardisalu

This time I’m reviewing Ivacy VPN…

Over the course of this review, I will be going over everything, including their (Ivacy) pricing, features, speed, cons, and pros.

What Is Ivacy? What Do They Offer?

Headquartered in the weird and wonderful island-nation of Singapore, Ivacy VPN has been protecting their customer’s online experiences since early 2007.

Despite their impressive decade-plus tenure in the VPN marketplace, Ivacy is still a relatively unknown brand. Operated under the umbrella of PMG Private Limited, Ivacy is an understandably secretive company.

Ivacy VPN Review
Ivacy’s homepage

And this surprises me…

In fact, in 2010, it was Ivacy’s technology team that was responsible for unveiling the revolutionary concept of split tunneling, a technology which allows users to decide what traffic is sent through an ISP and what traffic is protected by their VPN.

So with all of this in mind, I decided to review Ivacy for myself to see whether or not this relatively unknown VPN could play in the “Big Leagues”.

Ivacy VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK: #66 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY: Easy to install and use
LOG FILES: No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS: 60+ countries, 5,700 servers
SUPPORT: Knowledgeable team, quick responses
TORRENTING: Limited Torrenting
NETFLIX: Not Working
COST: $1.19/mo and up
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.ivacy.com

Ivacy offers a VPN services that are compatible with almost every device on the marketplace including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs and even your Xbox.

Ivacy VPN compatibility

While Ivacy offers an admittedly sparse network of only 5,700 servers across 100 locations, the servers in question are highly optimized for the price that you are paying (as you will see in a minute).

They make torrenting a breeze with P2P optimized servers in the USA and Canada and also allow their customers to connect to their VPN service using all major protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2.

Add to that, Ivacy offers 5 simultaneous connections and an internet kill switch.

And, luckily they offer all of these features (plus many more that we will discuss in a moment) for about the same price as a cup of coffee.

How Much Does Ivacy VPN Cost?

One of Ivacy’s biggest selling points is their ultra-affordable 24-month pricing package.

Ivacy Pricing
Ivacy pricing in 2022

Here’s how it all breaks down.

Monthly: $9.95

  • $9.95 per month
  • $119.4 per year

1 Year Plan: $47.76

  • $3.33 per month
  • $47.76 per year

5 Year Plan: $71.64

  • $1.19 per month
  • $14 per year

With the exception of their monthly pricing package, Ivacy offers one of the most competitively priced VPN services that I have ever seen. I was also pleased when I saw just how many different payment methods Ivacy allows potential customers to use.

Whether you want to use your MasterCard, PayPal account, Bitcoin, or Paymentwall, they have you covered.

Payment options for Ivacy VPN

Like several of their competitors, Ivacy technically offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, however, as you will see later in this review, it’s not quite what it seems. For the time being, however, I digress.

With such affordable pricing plans, many of you are probably wondering how Ivacy’s services match up to their more steeply-priced competitors.

Much to my own surprise, the answer is… Pretty well.

Ivacy Pros

1. Good Speeds (for the price) 

In order to ensure the accuracy of this review, I conducted a couple of simple speed tests at speedtest.net to determine just how quick Ivacy really is. Here are the results.

Ivacy Download and Upload speed test

US Server (New York)

  • Ping: 115ms
  • Download: 45.86mbps
  • Upload: 43.92mbps
EU Server (Amsterdam)
  • Ping: 42ms
  • Download: 53.04mbps
  • Upload: 25.39mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 261ms
  • Download: Test Failed
  • Upload: Test Failed
UK Server (London)
  • Ping: 50ms
  • Download: 53.24mbps
  • Upload: 33.36mbps

*As always take these speed tests with a grain of salt since they rely on so many different variables and can change from person to person. However, we have tested over 70+ VPNs for this site so we have a baseline that we can compare every VPN against. 

All in all, Ivacy’s speeds are solidly middle of the road.

Although I was disappointed to find that their Asia servers were completely unusable, at 53.0 Mbps for an EU server, Ivacy’s speeds are up to par with competitors like TorGuard (review) and Buffered (review).

If you are a seasoned VPN user, Ivacy’s speeds are nothing to get excited about, and if you are in need of a faster VPN, you should check out our reviews of Surfshark (review) and ExpressVPN (review).

However, at only $2.04 a month, their speeds far exceed the expectations set by their nominal price tag.

2. A True No Logging Policy (That’s Actually Upheld) 

One of my biggest pet peeves when reviewing any VPN provider is a falsely advertised “Zero Logging” policy, and unfortunately, this trend seems to become more and more pervasive by the day.

In fact, this issue has become so pronounced within the VPN industry, that I no longer trust any VPN provider’s claims of “Keeping no logs” until I have read every word in their privacy policy.

While I was reviewing Ivacy’s VPN, I did indeed scour through the fine print in great detail and quite frankly… I was shocked. Ivacy actually upholds it’s advertised zero-logging policy, and they do it better than just about any other VPN that I have reviewed.

Here’s their logging policy.

This means that the only data that Ivacy keeps about its customers is the email address associated with each account.

That’s it. No traffic logs, no bandwidth logs, and no duration logs. Just pure, unadulterated privacy.

3. Good Customer Service 

I’ll be the first person to admit it…

I did not have high hopes about Ivacy’s customer service. Forgive my cynicism, but after reviewing more than 70 VPNs, I’ve learned to have exceptionally low expectations when reviewing the customer service offered by a budget-friendly provider.

After all, companies have a limited number of resources. If they offer high-quality services at a budget-friendly price (as Ivacy does) it’s typically safe to assume that they had to cut back on another area of their business in order to do so.

And the customer support team is typically the first casualty…

However, with Ivacy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that their customer service agents were quick to respond and extremely helpful. Although I would like to see more detailed and thorough responses from their agents, I’m hard-pressed to complain considering the rapid response times and efficient support that I received.

Here are a few screenshots from one of my conversations with Ivacy’s support (all questions were answered within minutes of being sent).

Ivacy Live Chat Quality #1 Ivacy Live Chat Quality #2

I submitted several other queries designed to gauge the knowledge and efficacy of the team (all of them were submitted at similar times) and all of these queries were answered in a similarly timely (and brief) manner. To ensure that my experience was an accurate representation of their customer support team, I also reviewed their social media accounts to see how well they handled other customer complaints and questions.

Again, I was impressed to find that their team was extremely effective and knowledgeable and nearly every issue that arose was the fault of a customer and not Ivacy.

Ivacy Twitter Profile

Although NordVPN still offers the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced, Ivacy is a close contender in the race and I was both surprised and impressed by the quality of their support.

4. Available Protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and IKev2

Ivacy VPN Available Protocols

“What could go wrong?”, you think.

“It’ll only take a second”, you claim.

So you whip out your mobile while waiting for that vanilla latte. The problem is that the network you’re about to connect to might be an ‘evil twin’.

Here’s how it works.

Someone turns their computer into a network access point, and gives is a real-enough sounding name (often imitating popular, well-known ones like “T-Mobile” for instance). When you connect, you’re actually connecting through their computer. And they now will gain access to all of the information you used to log in, as well as your browsing activity.

That means when you pull out a credit card or run a few quick transactions, all of that data gets logged because the connection is unencrypted. Unfortunately, this example of ‘WiFi’ eavesdropping is one of the most common (and oldest) tricks in the ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack playbook.

Now compare that to a normal web session on a legitimate network. You pull up a bank’s website and all of the activities during your entire session will be encrypted by an SSL certificate. These create special keys on each access point so that no one else can monitor or gain access to what’s happening after you get on the site.

The same underlying SSL technology is used to power OpenVPN, which is the go-to protocol for all major (and legitimate) VPN providers. Ivacy is no different, defaulting to OpenVPN whenever possible.

If you’re unable to use OpenVPN for some reason (like device restrictions), Ivacy also has other common protocol options available, including PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, and IKEv2.

Some of these other protocols, like IPv6 for example, have known security vulnerabilities. In this case, though, Ivacy attempts to fix this issue by sending that data and traffic through a VPN anyway.

5. 256-Bit Encryption

Public WiFi networks are some of the most common places that people can gain access to your online activities.

Even hotel and airport WiFi’s, which you would think were rock-solid, are often susceptible to attacks. (In some cases, these institutions are the worst offenders – tracking every single action you make on their networks and often selling your information to third parties.)

Many public networks though are susceptible to bad behavior. Hackers can run automated systems on these networks to monitor and attempt to ‘brute-force’ their way into your accounts.

Brute force attacks will target a specific website’s login page and attempt to crack the username and password combinations by running through endless variations until they eventually land on the right one. They test one letter or number at a time and continue cycling through, adding more digits until they eventually figure out how to gain access.

These attacks are the culprits in some of the most common you hear about every single day on the news. For example, brute force attacks are one of the leading ways people gain access to WordPress websites (which is the single biggest platform on the internet). They’re also the method that’s commonly used to hack into celebrity iCloud accounts and leak… well, private, photos and videos.

Brute force attacks work well when encryption is weak.

In other words, when there are only so many possible combinations of letters and numbers, it’s only a matter of time it takes to break. Generally speaking, the weaker the encryption, the faster it can be cracked.

All encryptions can eventually be cracked. But if they’re strong enough, it might take decades (or centuries) to do it. That’s why 256-bit encryption is considered the strongest possible available on the market today. It’s so strong, that it’s used by government agencies and the cream of the crop security companies.

Ivacy prides itself on their use of 256-bit encryption, which means your connection through them should be nearly impossible to hack.


Ivacy Cons

1. Singapore Has Been Confirmed as a “Five Eyes” Partner 

If the above headline is making you scratch your head in confusion and softly mutter “What is he on about?” under your breath, it’s ok.

The term “Five Eyes” is not something that is commonly understood or discussed in the general public… And with good reason. When Edward Snowden executed his now-notorious security breach, he published more than 1.5 million classified NSA documents.

Among the information included in this leak was a document revealing the details of a security operation known as “The Five Eyes”, an information and resource sharing partnership between the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand that allows each government to locate and spy on “anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

In other words, the Five Eyes partnership is a privacy advocate’s worst nightmare.

By tapping fiber optics cables at more than 20 locations worldwide, the governments in question can access personal data and the real-time location of just about any person they so choose.

Unfortunately for Ivacy, other leaked documents have shown that South Korea and Singapore (the location of their headquarters) are partners in the “Five Eyes Agreement” and regularly provide these other governments with access to sensitive information and resources.

While this shouldn’t have any direct effect on Ivacy’s security since they keep 0 logs, you should still be cognizant of the political landscape surrounding the company’s headquarters.

2. No TOR or Proxy Compatibility 

While this is a minor annoyance for most VPN users, I was disappointed to see that Ivacy is not compatible with the TOR network or any other third party proxies.

Although this will not affect the VPN experience for most users, the added layers of security provided by TOR and other proxies can quite literally save your life in some of the more Draconian countries.

For example, TOR compatibility is included in NordVPN (here’s a review).

3. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Has a BIG Catch 

One of the only problems that I had with Ivacy’s pricing package is that they are not up-front about the stipulations for their 30-day money-back guarantee.

It’s a pretty common practice for a VPN provider to set limitations on how many gigabytes of service you can use before you forfeit your money-back guarantee. However, in most instance, this is very well advertised and the customer understands the limitations of the guarantee.

With Ivacy… This isn’t quite the case.

After doing some digging through their various policies and legal disclaimers, here’s how the money-back guarantee actually works.

  • You claim for a refund within 30 days (or 7 days for a 1-month plan) of your subscription date
  • Your account has not already been suspended by Ivacy for breach of any clause mentioned in the terms of service
  • You have not consumed more than 500MB of bandwidth, which includes both upload and download activity using Ivacy; or you have not exceeded 30 sessions i.e. the number of times you connected to Ivacy services, whichever occurs first
  • You previously have not claimed a refund under this policy
  • You have not used BitCoin, BitPay, Coin Payments or Paymentwall as your payment method

Personally, I think this is a pretty fair agreement.

However, I also think that the clauses in their refund policy should be stated much more obviously. I mean really… How often do customers take the time to review the ToS before making a purchase? You, me, and the folks over at Ivacy all know that the answer to that question is a resounding “Never!”

Although I won’t blame Ivacy of intentionally lying to their user base, I will say that the conditions surrounding their money-back guarantee should be spelled out on their sales page, not buried in their legal disclaimers.

4. Zero Out of Four Netflix Servers Worked

Simply put:

Ivacy doesn’t work with Netflix. And they have no intentions of reversing that stance anytime soon.

To confirm, we tested the following servers. Each one let us down:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

Ivacy has even confirmed on their site, that “as the situation stands, internet users will have to cope up with Netflix’s ban policy over the VPN.”

Netflix VPN streaming error
Netflix VPN streaming error

So it seems like this won’t change anytime soon.

Fortunately, we have confirmed a handful of VPNs are still valiantly trying. Check out our top list of Netflix VPNs to the best of the best.

Do I Recommend Ivacy?

At the end of the day, Ivacy is a quality VPN with acceptable speeds, unbeatable prices, and high-quality customer service.

They offer an easy to use platform with an abundance of settings and features to play with and while they are far from perfect, the “Pros” in this case, far outweigh the “Cons”.

What’s good about Ivacy?

  • Cheap ($2.25/mo)
  • Secure and safe
  • True no-logging policy
  • Easy to install and use
  • Good customer service

What’s bad about Ivacy?

  • No TOR compatibility
  • Sketchy “money back guarantee”
  • “Five Eyes” jurisdiction
  • No Netflix compatibility

I don’t recommend Ivacy. It’s an okay service, but there are better ones for a similar price: NordVPN ($3.49/mo) or Surfshark ($1.99/mo). Both of these land in our top 3, check out the best VPNs here.

Add Your Own Ivacy VPN Review:

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    44 user reviews for Ivacy VPN

    Gadgetssai 9/10 November 7, 2021

    Ivacy vpn review

    One of the most impressive VPNs is Ivacy.Launched in 2007, it has quickly risen to become one of the most used services. Ivacy has won a number of awards for speed, overall performance and safety features all while receiving high praise from independent reviewers.


    Current Customer 1/10 December 5, 2020

    Bitterly disappointed

    I subscribed to ivacy and immediately had issues after the 30 days was up. The torrent issues others talk about are real, and are the only reason I got the service to begin with. Ivacy claiming to have "Customer service" is a laughable stretch at best. The only thing that does work, sometimes, is Netflix USA. Prime doesn't work.

    So go ahead and get sucked into paying for Ivacy. I got a lifetime membership to a service that doesn't work.. and you can too!

    ZeppelinPass 8/10 November 25, 2020

    IVACY Is Great as far as I'm concerned

    I've used Ivacy for 3 years now. Been good and has got better.

    Would recommend for the price. Great all rounder.

    Mel Grom 1/10 November 4, 2020

    Doesn't work most of the time

    It's true

    - most of the servers do not work
    - subscription cancellation is set up to be as much of a pain as possible
    - their windows client is straight up bugged

    Stewart C 1/10 October 10, 2020

    Beware of misleading offers (to say the least)

    I was unable to log in to the site so decided to abandon the $0.99 week’s trial and not proceed with a two-year subscription. I contacted them by email as requested to confirm cancellation. I had been charged for two years BEFORE the trial had started and not AFTER as stated on the offer link. After intimating I would get a refund they are now refusing to pay. I paid by credit card.

    Owen 1/10 July 5, 2020

    Terrible experience

    Connection to the city listed on their server list is outdated and don't even try the money back guarantee - you would possibly just email back and forth with support without any resolution adding to the frustration.

    Sebastian 1/10 June 24, 2020

    Fraudulent and Constant Server Fail!

    First I got double charged once I signed up. Luckily I noticed and contacted them and they claimed that there was a server error.

    The server constantly fails after 1 or 2 days and then you have to manually change the server. It's a pain in the ass and most of the ones on their "server list" don't even work.

    I spent hours with their customer service just trying to get the servers to work.

    Total Sham, go with a better, more trusted service.

    A 1/10 June 23, 2020

    It’s a scam, do not buy it.

    Its iPhone version app is pretty moderate, I can connect to a server successfully around 60% of all time, the speed is ok. Its windows version app is TERRIBLE, can’t connect to any server whatsoever, so I asked one of their engineer for help, then I got this OpenVPN app from them, finally I can connect to most of the servers, however, the speed was awful, I couldn’t even watch videos in 144p. So I asked for a refund, then they said, “the payment method I've paid is non-refundable.” End of the story.

    Sarge 8/10 June 16, 2020

    Ivacy : Adequate speed, reliable connections, uncertain loyalties, adequate Customer Support, Unbeatable Price

    When it comes to VPNs, as well as favorite bands, I am a rolling stone. So far I have used NordVPN (registered in Panama) Ironsocket (Hong Kong), and most recently Ivacy (Singapore). My criteria for VPNs are:

    The Doc 9/10 June 3, 2020

    Insufficient information.

    The review states "TORRENTING: Limited" but does not state why. Please explain.

    J D 1/10 June 2, 2020

    Mobile app sucks

    Their app is always asking you to rate it when you’re trying to login. I have to change servers way too often. Try something else.

    BostonBB 3/10 January 28, 2020

    Left a lifetime subscription to Ivacy because ..

    When the server disconnects you recieve no warning, thus you can only wonder how long you and your data have been exposed. This is huge. No amount of speed, money or availability of (not very knowledgeable) tech chat/assistance can make up for that. The (more than) 5 Eyes country partnership in a time period where privacy is simply a word one really needs to be aware of what they unwittingly support. Add in the company's "join our team" feature can encourage less than honest reviews on the part of some users.

    The plus side, they do have pretty good speeds, NAT is available, their support is always available, have a solid record of integrity in regards to their no logging policy (unlike some vpns), support is helpful with most issues, usually available and their price is decent.

    Alex 10/10 January 12, 2020

    Works great

    I've had it for some time now, although occasionally you might run into some issues, switching to a different country or protocol helps. Netflix streaming works and so does torrenting so happy days for me

    Grant 3/10 December 24, 2019


    When using Ivacy, most of the time and from most servers, you can't connect to bittorrent trackers. It's impossible to get a torrent started. I'm not 100% certain whether Ivacy is blocking those trackers or they are blocking Ivacy. Whichever is the case, Ivacy is complete crap if you want to use bittorrent. These days I have to start a torrent without a VPN to get a list of peers, then stop it, then start Ivacy before starting the torrent. Probably not great security practice. Thumbs down.

    Ike 9/10 September 25, 2019

    Works for me

    Reliable for me. Have it set up on an Asus router using OpenVPN, Port Forwarding for torrent and Plex remote access works. Dedicated IP for monitoring open ports with StatusCake Good price. Get good speeds. No dropouts. Fast support. I have no complaints.

    Mike 2/10 August 20, 2019


    Too many disconnections. Tried different protocols and on different devices. I am disappointed.

    Vk 1/10 August 4, 2019

    Most of the features do not work

    Split tunneling and internet kill switch fail 90 percent of the time. However, it always gives a feeling as if it is working but it's not. Keep one of your browsers bypasses in split tunneling and intermittently check the IP, you will be surprised that tunneling rarely works. So is the internet kill switch which stops at every disconnection reconnection event. You will regret if you decide to purchase it. Mark my words!

    Angus 1/10 June 5, 2019


    They stated they have servers in China, but they don’t. Took me 2.5 hours to deal with their customer support and follow their instructions for a few attempts. At the end they said I have to send them emails to get my refund. They never replied. And they still charged me the second month while there wasn’t an option to stop it. I’ll have to go to call my bank to stop the direct debit.

    Ian 9/10 March 16, 2019

    So far, so good.

    Using it for 3 months. Stable connections and streaming speeds from the UK to Canada are fine. Really like being able to use the IVACY Chrome extension that lets me stream and cast from BBC iPlayer while I can simultaneously access other countries via other browsers. Support via CHAT is OK. Fast response and minimal wait time. But I always seem to get the same rep which makes me wonder how big the staff is. That rep seems to respond a lot with references to their web pages but all in all, that's ok. And, of course, the price is right.

    IVACYIVACYBUM 1/10 February 10, 2019


    - Most of the servers doesn't work
    - Support ignoring your questions
    - Waste of money, time and nerves

    Eduardo 8/10 February 10, 2019

    Netflix works (only US)

    The VPN is great for the price and Netflix works if you use the Netflix US server available in the Ivacy app. However, the Android app simply doesn't work currently.

    Little Big Al 8/10 January 28, 2019


    I've been using Ivacy for a couple of years and I have mostly been happy with it. But since my renewal last summer I've had constant performance issues which have required my contacting support.

    It seems like every two or three weeks I log into the VPN, I connect with no problem but cannot connect to any server. The resolution the first few times was to update the software. It has recently devolved into updating the software AND changing the protocol. If that were consistent I could live with it but I have to contact support and find out the latest combination steps to take to fix the problem. Each instance sucks 24 hours out of my life.

    I pay for a VPN for secure file sharing regardless where the file comes from or goes to. I don't pay for it to be TOS'd by ISPs. It's like buying a Ferrari for all of its status but having it never start so you can't drive it.

    Ivacy is great - when it works.

    Mr Deer 9/10 January 22, 2019

    2 years so far so good

    I have been with Ivacy for about 2 years; I think it's a great service for what you pay. It is not gold-plated and sometimes got into some issues, but all of them were temporary and promptly resolved. So, if you need a perfect VPN, this is not for you (but arguably any VPN can be perfect). For what you pay it is already a great service and speed is good.

    Mr.Mr. 1/10 January 2, 2019

    Worst of the worst...

    Awful VPN. The app has a ton of features, but take a closer look and see most of them don't actually work at all. Split tunnelling for instance only appears to split you traffic, but actually doesn't. The worst are the dropouts in connection that remain undetected. While running the app I have checked my IP regularly for a full day. Over the course of 8 hours my IP wasn't hidden for 14 (!) times. The app itself just keeps running and even the internet kill switch doesn't kick into action therefore committing the cardinal VPN sin of letting it's user IP exposed.

    When asked, Customer service denied any responsibility and just came up with standard copy-pasted responses.

    All in all; Ivacy looks good, but fails to deliver miserably.

    Werner 9/10 November 21, 2018

    Seems to be a good one ...

    After having a problem to install I got live chat immediately and the send me a valid link for download. Quick and very friendly! I was trying the Ivacy for some days, download speed was good and the servers worked OK. Yet I decided to ask for a refund and I got my money back within 24hrs! So as far as I'm concerned I can recommend Ivacy.

    R. Temprano 10/10 September 25, 2018

    If You Can't Scream With The Eagles Then So Shit With The Chickens.

    I've read the reviews up on here and some of them make me laugh. Like the ones where the people have problems using Ivacy and say Ivacy is greedy. There is always somebody like that. Makes it so that an excellent product only gets a 75% rating. I think the other VPNs must be spamming this review page because those negative reviewers are plum loco. I've used Ivacy for 5 years and I have had very few problems. Sure it may go down 1-2 times a year for a few minutes. But all VPNs do. Just change servers if you get bent over that. Lately Ivacy has been perfect for like the last 2 years not going down for me at all. And this crap about slow speeds it nonsense. I download about 12 GB/ hour with my 100Mbs connection. If that isn't fast enough for you then I'm sorry for you you spoiled brat. And using Ivacy I'm way faster than the public DNS servers I choose to use. And those people who can't get Ivacy up and running are technophobes. And I always check out secure at privacy-check websites like IPVanish, PRC or DNSLeaktest.com. But hey there's always somebody who hates ice cream. Know what I'm saying? Ivacy has a 0 log policy. It allows P2P. It doesn't have any bandwidth limits. And here's the kicker: lifetime VPN for $80US(this article is sorely lacking having failed to mention that fact). Although Ivacy doesn't exactly advertise that fact. Ya have to be in the loop to know that, and now you're in the loop. So my 5 years with good 'ol Ivacy has cost me exactly $1.33US/mo(at this writing_Sept. '18)), and every month that figure falls because I'm lifetime. No other VPN costs so little. The other VPNs are scalping the foolish. Imaging paying $100US+ for VPN per year. Ok don't imagine it. Just sign up with 70% of the so called "Good VPNs". Reminds me of the whole telecommunication scam where people overpay for TV or phone service(I don't own a TV (arggggggh I have Kodi !)and I use Tello for Phone because I'm not made out of money, cheap you might say, working the system I say). Other VPN users are slaves to the grind I also say. Anyway Ivacy makes all the other VPN services seem greedy. I'm not worried about 5-eyes. Or lack of TOR compatibility. And I gave up Netflix aeons ago when their price jumped(I was grandfathered in because I was on the original plan but all things come to an end like my Netflix account, I don't suffer because I just ________ any movie I want and who uses VPN to stream Netflix or stream anything anyway?). Seems like the author of this review was grasping at straws to fill in the "Cons" section. I just want anonymity occasionally when I'm online because I like P2P. And no this isn't spam or fanboy ravings. It's just the facts. Have a good life.

    Not Recommended! 1/10 August 28, 2018

    Shady Refund Policy. Poor Support. Avoid.

    Couldn't get a straight answer about refund policy.

    "Will you refund partially if your service gets blocked by country's firewall in future" They have failed to provide a clear answer to this question. I do not think this is a trustworthy service/company. I would look elsewhere.

    Seemore Butts 1/10 June 4, 2018

    Awful Service

    They suck. They absolutely suck at providing a reliable service. I wasn’t able to get this thing up and running after 6 hours of battling with their dumb ass support staff. Their servers are blacklisted in Turkey, so if you live in this fucking place don’t use their shit – it won’t work.

    Avoid! 1/10 April 24, 2018

    Cheap and terrible

    This is truly the worst VPN service I’ve ever subscribed to.

    Through my short tenure with Ivacy I found the following:
    – Most of the servers doesn’t work
    – The client consistently eats >35% CPU load
    – Frequent drops
    – DNS leaks

    When requesting a refund I was presented with detailed logs as to why it shouldn’t be granted.

    Stay far far away from this company!

    Dick Macy 9/10 March 31, 2018

    True Value for Money

    I have been using Ivacy for 2 yrs approximately and it has proven to be very effective for streaming. Also, I have tried other vpn’s and they have decreased my download speeds, while Ivacy has been faster than most and has many options for other countries.

    Tac 9/10 March 29, 2018

    No big issues, but speed 8MB

    Use this for geo-blocked content and no major issues. Surprised others have such a bad experience. Have had for about a year and does what it needs to. No speed is restricted it seems to max 8MB down. But for content, no issue from me.

    S 1/10 March 12, 2018

    worst ever

    One of the worst vpn I’ve ever used. Joined them around sept 2017, just before their UI and system revamp, i was left hanging for about 2 months with no vpn.

    Even after their revamp, nothing improved. claim to have the largest number of countries to select from but more than 95% of it doesn’t work. Not gonna use them even if it is free.

    Dan 1/10 March 11, 2018

    Waste of money

    Slow, losing connection every couple minutes. I Am using polish servers and sometimes i’m lucky if i get space on server. mostly is just connection refused or if connected after couple minutes…. disconnecting. Maybe is cheap but not worth any money. Some free vpn working better.

    Raj 1/10 February 21, 2018

    Will Not Recommend, Worse Service and Support

    I had issues with them not assigning dns from their own network. No matter where I connect I get my isp dns. I contacted support over 3 days and finally i was told to use OpenDNS or GoogleDNS. Other VPN providers assign DNS from their network where the ip is comming from. Support is fast , but they do not answer technical questions and they do not read the email you sent after trouble shooting. I bought the service for like $1.00/m for 3years. Money well wasted. The service sucks the support sucks. Their chat on their website is also intermittent. Very bad VPN Service. Please dont fall for the price or lifetime offers from Ivacy VPN.

    James 1/10 February 7, 2018

    Not recommended

    Chrome Extension has been promised like a year ago, my subscription is about to expire and no extensions to date. Pure promises, not mention slow Torrent download and disconnection. They bragged that they are working on their Chrome Extension, how funny was that working on a single feature for more than a year??? I guess you only have one developer for God Sake.


    Charitha 1/10 January 13, 2018

    DON'T USE !!!

    Never buy from this thieves. Have ad the connection for 9 months and speed always been average… Done the research and tried disabling firewalls and changing protocol types with pretty much all the country’s.. getting 1.5 Mb’s to 5 Mb’s tops where as my broadband offers 12Mb. When contacted support, they give me lessons on bandwidth sharing!

    If they cant keep up with the traffic upgrade the servers, don’t sell anymore or refund the money….. Don’t get caught on the cheap $ offers… Pay money for a good VPN provider.

    Pete 7/10 October 29, 2017

    Good for shoe-string budget

    I’m always into cheap stuff hence the reason I opted in for Ivacy VPN. I’ve been using it 8+ months now without any major errors.

    Some common issues are random server disconnects after 2-3 hours, but that’s just it. I haven’t used their customer support for the as I’ve just chosen another server from the list.

    Other than that, it’s a solid product for low cost

    bill goodman 3/10 September 29, 2017

    Kill switch problematic.....

    I have used Ivacy for almost two years and just a couple of failures with their KILL SWITCH. The downloading of my data stopped….very nice. Unfortunately the uploading did not! This has happened numerous times and the last time I got the letter from Hollywood via my Internet provider. Something about a copyright infringement. This is the second one while using the Ivacy program. Various servers in numerous countries, yet I am getting the same IP address assigned to me when I hook up.

    Ralph 3/10 July 13, 2017


    After spending lots of hours googling “best vpn” I came across Ivacy. I read some good reviews about it and thought that I should try it out.

    I use Macbook and the app for that is just horrendous and OpenVPN is not implemented. Asked about those things in support, but got an answer “In the future”.

    I did not like the app at all. Would not recommend it for Macbook users.

    claire 9/10 June 2, 2017

    A Good option to opt for

    Works fine from a new user after long time VPNing: obtain almost 98% of usual internet speed. Few issues with apps on desktop were fixed with help of good quality service chat. Tested many servers and several protocols: all worked fine. Had good offer, thx Ivacy! UPDATE After using for some weeks now, I can confirm that it works very well! Never any interrupts, always fast connecting and speed equals the ISP speeds I have.

    Dee 3/10 May 26, 2017

    If using a Mac, many feature limitations

    All the features sounded great, but most are not available in the Mac version of their software. E.g., no split-tunneling, no OpenVPN protocol, and no Kill Switch. They said they’re working on upgrading their Mac software, but no ETA …

    john 1/10 May 25, 2017


    They do not offer live chat. You can get support by sending a message and this one takes ages to get in touch with them. I used them for less than two weeks and asked my for my money back – they only offered half though.

    My 2 cents: Don’t use this VPN.

    Carol 3/10 April 27, 2017

    DON'T use Ivacy!

    I tried Ivacy, won’t try them again. I don’t have anything positive to say about my experience with them. They are unresponsive, greedy and their servers are slow. Overall, a bad experience. I’ve read that they don’t pay their refunds, I think I’m lucky, I got a refund. Won’t recommend them. There are plenty of better providers out there, read the reviews on this site for example and make a different choice. Ivacy isn’t for me, it probably isn’t for anyone. Stay away from them to keep your brain cells!

    kristy 8/10 February 6, 2017

    Value for money

    I have been using Ivacy for quite some time know, its been almost a year. For me it’s working pretty great. I think it is one of the most reliable vpn when it comes to streaming and downloading torrents, does the job perfectly. It’s value for money.