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IPVanish Review

Brad Smith

Brad Smith · Read user reviews

In this review, I’ll uncover the pros and cons of IPVanish VPN software. To help me review this service, I signed up with their service and also conducted speed tests.

IPVanish review

US-based VPN provider IPVanish claims to be “The World’s Best VPN Service“.

While they have an abundance of endorsements and sponsorships and offer an admittedly feature-rich product, the question remains, “Can they live up to their own hype?”

In this review, I’ll be providing you with a detailed answer to that question.

I will be taking an unbiased look at IPVanish, analyzing everything from the company’s background, services, features, pricing, and more.

Let’s get started.

IPVanish General Overview

LOG FILES: No Logging
LOCATIONS: 60+ countries with 1000+ servers
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat (First Come First Serve)
EASE OF USE: Acceptable
NETFLIX: 1/4 worked
COST: $6.49/$8.99/$10.00
PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, Linux
RECOMMENDED? Yes. But there are better options
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.ipvanish.com

Founded in 1999 under the umbrella of Mudhook Marketing (located in US, Florida), IP Vanish has quickly earned a reputation as one of the top VPN providers in the marketplace.

1000 servers (and counting) across more than 60 different countries (primarily located in Europe and North America).

Their VPN services are compatible with nearly every device and OS imaginable and they have dedicated apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and IOS. For the more tech-savvy users, they also allow customers to manually setup an IPVanish configuration on Window’s phones, Ubuntu, ChromeBook, and your routers.

IPVanish also supports all major VPN protocols and even allows users access to the download-free SOCKS5 web proxy (which I will touch on later).

IPVanish Pros (+)

1. Fast Speed (only 18% slower than without a VPN)

I ran a few speed test on the IPVanish servers and here is what I came up with (I’m using 100 Mbps Internet connection within EU).

IPVanish VPN speed
US Server (New York)
  • Ping: 133ms
  • Download: 34.71 Mbps
  • Upload: 24.72 Mbps
EU Server (Amsterdam)
  • Ping: 38ms
  • Download: 82.67 Mbps
  • Upload: 43.19 Mbps

Asia Server (Hong Kong)

  • Ping: 341ms
  • Download: 7.61 Mbps
  • Upload: 5.88 Mbps
UK Server (London)
  • Ping: 56ms
  • Download: 80.25 Mbps
  • Upload: 42.09 Mbps

IPVanish offers respectable download and upload speeds. When connected from EU to EU they only throttled my speed by 18%.

However,  it’s hard to justify the cost of their service when you compare the US speeds that they offer with the speeds of other, less expensive services.

For example, the download speeds of IPVanish (on the U.S. based servers) were slower than NordVPN & SaferVPN (read review), which both cost less than $4/month.

2. Decent Working App

Installing their app was a pretty smooth straightforward process (although, annoyingly, I had to restart my computer afterward).

Upon launching the software, it was instantly apparent that IPVanish offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

They make it easy for you to find everything you need and give you a plethora of settings and options to toy around with.

IPVanish usability

The only complaint I have with their interface is that they offer no instructions on setting up and using the SOCKS5 proxy from the account portal.

IPVanish SOCKS5 Proxy

While this isn’t a huge deal and can easily be resolved with a quick Google search (or by reviewing IPVanish’s article on the topic), with the SOCKS5 proxy being such a huge selling point, you would think that they would streamline the setup process as much as possible.

3. Zero Traffic Logs 

If you read through the fine print in the privacy policy of many VPN services, you might be shocked to realize that their advertised “Anonymous Browsing Experience” isn’t so anonymous after all.

In fact, if you choose the wrong provider, your personal data and information could be stored on one of the company’s internal servers and the privacy policy (which you agreed to) gives them the rights to use that data for a whatever purposes they see fit.

Luckily, IPVanish is not one of those companies. Operating under a strict “No Logging” policy.

In their own words,

We have a strict policy against the collection of both connection and activity logs. We will never store the metadata about your VPN session or information about how you used the service.

So while you are never truly anonymous online, IPVanish is one of the few VPNs that gets you about as close to total anonymity as possible.

4. Strong Encryption (AES-256)

IPVanish relies on the same encryption protocol, AES-256, that is used by many of the world’s leading security agencies and government organizations.

With the rapidly increasing number of brute force cyber attacks, this is a huge plus.

In December of 2016, WordFence, a WordPress security plugin, noticed a dramatic increase in the number of brute force attacks being executed against WordPress websites (which power more than 25% of the internet).

In fact, things got so bad that, at one point, there were more than 30,000 unique attacking IPs per day!

attacked sites graph

While this statistic should serve as a wakeup call to many website owners, it also should not be a cause for alarm.

By surfing the web with an AES-256 encrypted VPN (like IPVanish) your IP address and all personal data will be protected from hackers to the point that your data is virtually “Brute Force Proof”

That also means that you can get around IP specific censorship leveraged by schools, employers, and governments.

5. Download Free SOCKS5 Web Proxy 

Like most VPN providers, IPVanish allows users access to several different protocols including the default OpenVPN as well as PPTP, and L2TP.

While OpenVPN’s are generally the recommended protocol since they offer fast speeds that don’t sacrifice privacy or security, they do come with a downside.

That downside is that you have to download a client directly to your device in order to access the unique certificate required to establish a secure connection.

Luckily, there is an alternative.

IPVanish gives their customers access to a special proxy server protocol known as SOCKS or Socket Security. This protocol allows you to enjoy the same benefits of a standard VPN without having to download any software to any of your devices.

This means that you can hide your IP address, hide personal information, and enjoy faster performance all without downloading an intrusive third-party tool.

While this provides a huge service to certain customers (especially individuals looking to circumvent censorship laws or other IP-related restrictions), it should be noted that the speed and download-free surfing comes at a cost.

Namely your security.

The reason a SOCKS proxy is able to achieve faster speeds than a traditional VPN is that it doesn’t use the same encryption standards.

In other words, it doesn’t offer the same privacy and security protocols that prevent hackers, cyber-criminals, and governments from accessing your personal information.

While the proxy does an admiral job of obfuscating your location, it does little-to-no good when it comes to protecting your privacy and security.

Even though this is a “Pro” for IPVanish and certainly a unique protocol to offer, be cautious and educate yourself about the SOCKS proxy before taking advantage of this feature.

6. Torrenting is Allowed

With IPVanish, not only is torrenting (P2P) allowed… It’s blatantly encouraged.

Unlike many VPN providers, IPVanish has no qualms about customers using their service to “Torrent freely and privately.

IPVanish allows P2P

Their carefree attitude towards torrenting might anger some anti-piracy advocates, however, for the average VPN user, this feature is a major bonus.

7. Five Device Connection Limit

One of my favorite “Features” of IPVanish is that they allow you to simultaneously connect up to five devices.

Most VPN services, including premium companies like ExpressVPN, limit your simultaneous connections to 3 devices. This might not seem like a big deal to some of you, however, for those of you with family members or spouses, buying a second license can be a huge frustration and unwanted expense.

However, with IPVanish’s generous 5-device limit, you, your spouse, and even your kids can browse safely and securely… All at the same time.

8. Some Servers Unblock Netflix

IPVanish doesn’t specifically state on their site if they’ll work with Netflix or not.

Most VPN providers have begun steering clear of official statements over the past few years, because the video-streaming giant now employs one of the most sophisticated VPN-detection systems to date.

But regardless of their official stance, we still test them.

We connect to different country servers, fire up Netflix, and try to stream something. Anything!

Results didn’t start out well with IPVanish:

IPVanish connection error

The first three servers we tried didn’t work:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

However, the fourth time was the charm!

We connected to a U.S. server in Chicago and were able to bypass detection.

  • United States: Chicago

The only issue was that the server lagged a bit. So if you need a VPN that works with Netflix, read this.


IPVanish Cons (-)

1. No TOR Compatability

TOR or The Orion Network is a network that encrypts and relays your traffic information across several servers ensuring that it is difficult (read: impossible) to track your real-time location.

For those of you who need serious security measures to fight against government surveillance or censorship laws, TOR allows you to create a second layer of security with an existing VPN to maximize your privacy and ensure that your location and identity remains private.


IPVanish does not have a TOR compatibility.

For most users, this will not be a deal breaker. However, for customers living in more draconian countries like China or North Korea, this added layer of security can literally be the difference between life and death.

2. Third-Party Reviews are a Mixed Bag

As I have stated throughout this article, my experience with IPVanish was more than satisfactory.

Outside of the TOR and Netflix compatibility issues, I didn’t really have any problems with their service or their customer support.

However, when I went digging for third party reviews… I was shocked to find that IPVanish actually drew a lot of heat in the online community.

On the Better Business Bureau website, IPVanish has received more than 17 customer complaints and they have failed to resolve or respond to at least 4 of those complaints.

BBB Rating

After digging through Reddit, I found that many others users recorded negative experiences with IPVanish, although it was hard to find a consistent theme among the complaints.

IPVanish Reddit Reviews

In my own experience, IPVanish is far from perfect, but it is a high-quality VPN with solid customer service.

However, in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, it’s important for potential buyers to realize that not every IPVanish customer has shared my positive experience.

4. Falsely Advertised 24/7/365 Support

One of the greatest annoyances when using a VPN is that the industry’s customer service is notoriously unreliable.

Sadly, IPVanish propagates this stereotype… and then some.

While their advertisements and marketing promise that users will have access to 24/7/365 support – it’s just not true.

For starters, they don’t even have a live chat option (which makes me wonder how in the world they thought that they could advertise 24/7 live support?)

This means that if you ever did need to get instant help, you wouldn’t be able to.

And when you do send in a support ticket, you don’t receive an immediate (or even remotely fast) response.

To fully understand how their support works I submitted 1 simple question and here’s (auto) their response:

IPVanish support

1-2 days to reply?


So much for 24/7/365 support…

In fact, after submitting my support ticket Friday afternoon, I didn’t receive a full reply from the support team until Monday.

That’s more than 60 hours of time during which I received no support. Certainly not a plus in my book.

Although they do have support center and knowledge base which is quite helpful, it doesn’t pardon the fact that they blatantly lie in their advertising and provide you with customer service that is a far cry from what you expect going in.

IPvanish support section


Do you think that you might be in need of instant support for your VPN service?
Then don’t bother with IPVanish… unless your definition of “instant” is 48 hours+.

IPVanish Pricing & Plans: (Affordable but Not “Cheap”)

One of the great things about IPVanish is that they don’t dilute their services by offering the traditional “Tiered Packages”.

There is no “IPVanish Bronze” or “IPVanish Platinum”. Instead, every customer receives exactly the same service with the only difference being the length of time for which they have access to that service.

IPVanish VPN pricing

Monthly: $10

Since I’ve never actually seen them offering their services for $11.99 a month, I will just chalk the advertised “17%/month savings” up to clever marketing and say that this plan is the equivalent of:

  • $10 per month
  • $120 per year
  • 0% Savings

3 Months: $26.99

Unlike most VPN providers (and much to our surprise), IPVanish does not offer the traditional 6-month pricing option.

Instead, they offer a 3-month pricing plan billed quarterly at $26.99.

This equates to:

  • $8.99 per month
  • $107.96 per year
  • 25% savings

12 Months: $77.99

Like most other VPN providers, if you are looking for the best deal possible, you will want to opt for IPVanish’s yearly pricing plan. At only $77.99, the plan equates to:

  • $6.49 per month
  • $77.99 per year
  • 46% savings

IPVanish also offers a 7-day money back guarantee on every plan and allow you to pay with just about any method you desire (including credit card, PayPal and even bitcoin for anonymous payments).

IPVanish payment methods

While these prices are nowhere near as expensive as some of their more premium competitors (I’m looking at you ExpressVPN), they are still a far cry from “Budget Friendly”.

This fact is painfully illustrated when you take a look at the pricing plans offered by PIA and many other cheaper VPNs, you’ll quickly realize that you can find other high-quality VPN providers for less than half the price of IPVanish.

I do appreciate the all-inclusive pricing and love the simplicity of their offer, but frankly, I think that IPVanish is doing their company and their clients a disservice by not offering a steeper discount on their yearly plan.

However, for you to truly determine whether or not IPVanish is worth the investment, you first need to know what you get in return for your investment.

Do I Recommend IPVanish?

The answer is… It depends on what you are looking for.

IPVanish provides a reliable service at a reasonable price and while it doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or truly exceptional, it does offer several features (like the SOCKS5 protocol) that make it appealing to a certain demographic of VPN users.

However, for most VPN buyers, I would hard pressed to recommend IPVanish (if for no other reason) due to the quality of their competition.

For example, in our ExpressVPN review & NordVPN Review, we found them much faster download speeds with Netflix compatibility at the similar cost.

So go ahead and buy ExpressVPN ($6.67/mo) instead.

IPVanish isn’t a bad VPN, but the shoddy customer service, compatibility issues, and the simple fact that you can find better offers for cheaper make it hard for me to recommend them to most readers.

Find our TOP VPNs here.

Have you ever used IPVanish before? If so, what was your experience like? I’m always interested to hear what other enthusiasts have to say about the VPNs that I review! Let me know below.

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27 user reviews for IPVanish

dabonz 8/10 September 12, 2018


I connect always to US server in Chicago get u download speed 82mbps at times I can watch a 4K Ultra movie connected to US Netflix sometimes it tells it cannot be layer so I just logout and log back in it’s good VPN I have no complaints I have installed on my Android Phone my Nvidia Shield and computer and iPad

Russell Gray 5/10 July 12, 2018

geo blocking issues

I use ipvanish as I live between the UK and Portugal I use a Wi-Fi internet dongle for watching tv though amazon firestick even with the VPN most of the Amazon shows come up geo-restricted and BBC just says there’s a problem.

But other than that I find it works well. I have 100 Mbps broadband and it doesn’t seem to slow it down. I agree with the customer service issue though I queried the geo-restriction problem and all I got was there is nothing they can do about it…

Haki Failey 1/10 May 27, 2018



They are not the best VPN service out there. I wasted my money and subscribed for one year mainly to watch BBC.

Now we are unable to watch it and their support team Lesha Metelsky (IPVanish) May 18, 11:46 AM EDT replied: “Despite our best technical efforts, IPVanish can no longer support access to BBC.“

Joe 9/10 May 10, 2018


They do have 24/7 support, but the chatbox can only be accessed in the checkout area.

SO you would need to click ‘START NOW’ on their site and you’ll see their chatbox on the bottom right pop up in a few seconds. I’m still on the 7-day refund trial and so far each time I’ve reached out on that chatbox I get responses immediately.

Other than that, I agree with you on everything else.

Chris Anderton 4/10 April 6, 2018

Zero Support and no Auto Connect

No problems with reliability or speed of connection. However, in spite of ticking the appropriate settings for auto-connect on start up, IP Vanish does NOT auto-connect (that is on a Mac, Firestick, Samsung Tablet or Samsung phone). Instead you have to remember to connect manually, which is a very simple process, as long as you remember.

Have raised a ticket about the issue and then, with no response after 72 hours, re-raised it. Still no response 48 hours later. ie Zero support. The Helper Tool will not install on a Macbook so cannot say whether or not that might solve the problem.

Unless they resolve the auto-connect issue, I will not renew and will try an alternative provider. Which is a shame as the interface and other features are generally good.

Sobitthen 7/10 March 30, 2018

Outlook issue with PC App Version

I downloaded this app via a link and code to use Kodi on my computer to watch streaming content. My only issue with the software is that Outlook 2017 cannot connect to my email servers through the VPN, tried all sorts of troubleshooting without resolve, therefore I cannot send or receive email through my app while using the VPN.

I had same issue with support as reviewer here reported, very slow response times and they had zero understanding of what even the issue I was reporting to them was about, I had to walk them step by step and I doubt they understood after 5 detailed email conversations with included images. This was not a deal breaker, I typically use the app late night and my work sends me emails during normal 9-5 times, unless emergency, of which I would still get alerted on my phone since I have yet to install the app onto my android device, mainly due to this issue…

K. 1/10 March 13, 2018

This is a Scam Company that Will Not Refund Your Money

This company and their non-existent customer service is GARBAGE. I downloaded this on to my laptop and could not get it to open-MAC issue. I immediately contact CS for help and heard nothing. I then told them to cancel. They then ignored the request and charged me for 5 months despite me being unable to use the product and asking for it to be cancelled. They just stopped charging me and will not refund one cent. Disgusting CS!

Anthony Cawthorn 1/10 February 13, 2018

piece of ***

It never worked for me and the company is all about taking your money, because after trying incessantly to get it to work; I now find that “they have a NO REFUND POLICY,” after seven days!

I wonder if they are owned by wells fargo or some other disreputable company? I wanted to rate it double zero, as in double nothing; however, THEY wouldn’t allow that. Even that says something, no?

Brendan 1/10 January 26, 2018

Not renewing

Service is horribly inconsistent. Using best city / best server is worthless, I will get poor performance and very slow speeds. Torrenting is utterly worthless unless you like dial up speeds. I purchased a whole year. I am not making that mistake again.

Larry 1/10 December 19, 2017

Don't do it! IPVanish vanished on me the first month, and I paid for 2 years.

I purchased this about a month ago off of a promo. The “tech support” is non-exisitent. No one will get back to you -ever! It wouldn’t matter if the thing worked but when you are reduced to watching the spinning wheel that says “connecting” except it never does it gets real old, real fast. You can do better most anywhere else.

Piotr Evertse 9/10 December 13, 2017

My short but Insightful IPVanish review.

IPVanish is one of the many VPN’s that I’ve tried over the years. The reason I stick with this one is primarily because of its user friendly interface, with a very simple and no over the top “flashy” connect button.

I can easily choose between whatever server I want at any time and am provided with an easy to discern graph for total up- and downloaded MB’s.

The speed is definitely not the best in the business but it is still a solid average speed for any purpose and you wouldn’t notice any lag in online gaming either, for those that do.

All in all, a 4.5/5 for me and the client definitely makes this a +1 recommendation from me.

Kirk 9/10 December 1, 2017

My experience with IPVanish

I use IPVanish to keep myself and my family’s information safe when using the web. Whether it’s a hacker or my own ISP, I feel confident that my information is safe when I use IPVanish. I am also able to extend this anonymity to my other devices and smartphones using IPVanish’s app. I also think it’s pretty cool that they let you choose your visible location. IPVanish isn’t the cheapest option but I haven’t had many problems. Sometimes I have issues with my DNS settings meshing with IPVanish but they have tools in the settings that usually solve my problems relatively quickly and easily.

Jack 9/10 November 29, 2017

IPVanish - the Good & Bad

Purchased IPVanish around August last year, to be honest, I haven’t had any major issues with the program. At the start, the program had a bad user interface and was confusing. However, recently an update has come out of it. IPVanish 3.0 which changes the UI more and makes it user-friendly. The servers can be slow at times however it’s rare and it does offer a wide selection of servers to choose. Overall, the issues were the user interface and lag spikes that occurred here and there. However, the UI has been fixed and is continually being fixed, the lag has also been decreased. The program does what it is needed and well. Not disappointed at all.

Johny Wilkes Boob 1/10 November 19, 2017

The best false advertising scheme of the year!!

Ive been with IPVanish for a month now and have decided its time to go. Claiming to be “the only *tier one* vpn available” , yet IPVanish lacks the one quality that would rank them as such. That quality is honesty! How can you claim “NO LOGS” when you are blatantly misleading in advertisements. Remember the boy who cried wolf? Nobody believed him anymore. Well I dont believe you anymore, IPVANISH. Support is not 24/7/365, configuration options are lacking, and speeds are not the best. Hotspot vpn is free and gives better speeds with equal encryption. That tells me right away that you are full of shit and the no logs policy probably is too. Sorry IPVanish, but your net worth is about to vanish.

Rachel Webb 2/10 November 3, 2017

Horrible service all around, save your money!!

Really poor customer service, take at least a day to respond. Then when the solution they suggest does not work, they simply ignore emails and try to wait out the 7 days so you are locked in.

Not very professional. Had to find my own solution and have requested a refund.

Really disappointed as I had put in a lot of research before buying.

Daniel Johnston 8/10 November 1, 2017

Love IP Vanish

I bought IP Vanish roughly three years ago and love it. The fact that they refuse to keep logs makes me feel totally safe on the internet. Great selection of servers and incredibly fast speed. The interface is easy to use and it takes no time to connect to the fastest server. Well worth the money.

Although RIP using a VPN and browsing Netflix. Great while it lasted!

Uncle Mike 0/10 October 31, 2017

Go for something else until they get it right

I purchased the 3 month package and I have been using their service for two months now. They have managed to create an attractive little client for VPN, but it’s still very much a work in progress. Connections have usually been a bit shaky. I’ve encountered several CTDs, which disable the kill switch, enabling any other service you might be using, to connect directly over the net. Just my $0.02.

I’m using version v. Beta.

Bob Smith 10/10 October 15, 2017

very happy user here

Have been using IPVanish for a couple of years now. Very satisfied as a user. Simple to use and works well. Good value for money and I have had no desire to see what else is out there because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

I pay quarterly and it works out less than 10 bucks a month, automatic renewal.

Fred Guerr 9/10 October 14, 2017

No complaints here

I use IPVanish and enjoy it thoroughly. I use it daily, and even leave it on “overnight” on my days off. I love that it has a kill switch mode which doesn’t allow internet activity if it becomes disconnected for any reason. It gives you to the option to have it change your ip address periodically (up to 90 minutes) and they don’t store any of your information.

Nuno 7/10 October 7, 2017

Mac App with some problems, but generally a good service

IPVanish was my first VPN service of all time, I moved to another country (Germany) and I needed a more secure way of “surfing”. I use a Mac at first I was getting trouble with the app, but with some struggle it worked. Im general I have nothing to say about the service, but I only used for 1 month, I find another one, cheaper and works with Netflix security.

John 4/10 October 4, 2017

Support isn't fast as promised

Netflix has changed their connection protocol, now users may only access content in their ”Area of Location” Yes there is different content on Netflix in the E.U, then here in the states ?

I use IPVanish on a Amazon Fire Stick and on a smart phone, no issues so far, and I haven’t noticed a noticeable change in my bandwidth speed on a 100 MB connection get about 85. Support gets a 2 out of 5 stars, changed my payment method and still says billing error after like 3 months, still get service but just got an automated response after like 24 hours that did not resolve anything, no live help. So overall the service is excellent as long as you do not need any help..

Dan 6/10 September 22, 2017

no netflix

IPVanish recently announced that they no longer work using Netflix. Occasionally I still manage to watch Netflix, but most of the times I’m getting this error (Netflix has blocked …).

Otherwise it’s a solid app. I bought it 12 months ago and secure and “OK” deal for $6.49.

I have never used their support so I’ve nothing else to add here. Hope this helps someone :)!

Gordo 7/10 July 12, 2017


The interface of this app is fantastic, works really fine for me. Got no problems so far. I’m not a heavy user though, but still recommend it.

Cindy 9/10 June 27, 2017


So I installed this VPN to access some website that are not allowed in my country. Everything works, everything was really easy and I like it.

Kemo 6/10 June 22, 2017


  • Great performance – fast servers
  • Easy-to-use – great app
  • A bit expensive
  • Support times are limited, not 24-7
Conclusion: Average

Graig 9/10 June 3, 2017

IPVanish is good 🙂

I like that IPVanish is cheap and rather fast (no problems with Netflix nor Torrenting). I also like it connects swiftly to different servers without showing any errors (many free VPNs can’t do that).

What I don’t like? Honestly, I don’t like their software itself as it has dark background. Whenever I’m using it I feel like I’m some sort of hacker. I really think they should invest a little to make it more appealing.

Other than that, it’s good ?

Sally 8/10 April 23, 2017

IPVanish good so far...

Have been using IPVanish for two months and so far I’m impressed. Well, I haven’t used any VPN services in the past, although I think a VPN is a must have tool, since Trump signed the new ISP law. My whole household uses IPVanish on their devices and it hasn’t let us down so far. The servers are fast for streaming/torrenting/browsing, what else do you need? Customer support is decent, had a live chat with them while setting up my account to ask if they’re available on different platforms, which they are.

Fast, reliable, secure, private. – The fantastic 4 that a VPN provider needs to be!